Breakthroughs by BIO, Battelle and Bravo

Over the past few weeks of my Bravo internship I have been familiarizing myself with the 2014 International BIO Convention that is currently taking place in San Diego, California.  From Hillary Clinton’s keynote address Wednesday to the release of Virgin Airlines’ business plan to fly consumers into space, any opportunity seems to be a reality for the largest international bioscience convention that prides itself on being “more than an event”.  But even after these surprising findings from my research, I wasn’t expecting the breaking-news that came out of Day 2 at the BIO Conference 2014.
A report called Battelle/BIO State Bioscience Jobs, Investments and Innovation 2014 was released Tuesday. To give myself a better idea of the current state of the bioscience industry, I began reading up on the newly released report and found that Bravo Group was the report’s Agency Partner.  After reading through the Battelle report, here are the top 3 pieces of news that I have to share about the bioscience field in relation to Pennsylvania:
1. The bioscience field is shaping up to be a major player in job creation, especially for our homestead – Pennsylvania. The creation of “111,000 new, high paying jobs” is due to the thriving livelihood of the sciences.  The best part of this success is that it is sustainable as the projected growth of the biotechnology, therapeutic, and pharmaceutical industries is on the rise.
2. In 2012, the bioscience industry provided 1.62 million individuals employment at more than 73,000 business establishments throughout the country.  Focusing in on the state of Pennsylvania, the bioscience industry has supported more than 78,000 families by creating such opportunities.
3. These opportunities in bioscience are not only creating lasting jobs, but are securing families with high-wages.  In fact, it was found that these jobs are growing at a faster rate than 11 years ago.  These jobs are also “paying an average 80% more than the overall private sector average salary”.
After all of this success for the bioscience industry, a public nod towards such progression of an industry is needed as a way of simply saying “thank you”.   If there is any way to pay it forward, it is for the general public to become better informed on the strengthening connection between the advances in the bioscience industry in relation to the progressive economy, especially right here in Pennsylvania.  Here’s to hoping that my next look through my Twitterfeed is to see local and national news sources highlighting this advancement for bioscience.
To read up on the focus of Pennsylvania in the Battelle/BIO State Bioscience Jobs, Investments and Innovation 2014 report:
Aly Bartolomei
Bravo Group, Wayne Intern



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