How Twitter has Transformed Media Relations

Media relations has evolved over time. In today’s world, those who work in and with the media are using social media on a day-to-day basis, especially Twitter.

Being in media relations, it is crucial to create and maintain a good relationship with reporters because these are the people who will communicate your message. Reporters are the ones who are on social media, so companies should be as well.

Twitter was launched in 2006,  and by 2012 there were 500 million users sending 430 million tweets per day. The company originally launched the site to provide a quick and easy way to update everyone at once. According toTwitter Statistics, there are currently 645 million active Twitter accounts. Nearly every reporter has a Twitter account and use it to help them do their job, and the stats prove it.

  • 78.5% of U.S. journalists check social media for breaking news.
  • 73.1% check out what other news organizations are covering
  • 59.8% find ideas for stories
  • 59.7% keep in touch with their audience
  • 54.1% find news sources

Scott Prio, from the Cline Group said that Twitter is the best thing to happen to media relations since the telephone. “It offers amazing opportunities to connect with journalists,” he said.

Another innovative way to connect your company with a journalist is a virtual newsroom. Pepsi, for example, has an online newsroom that is open to the public. By doing this, they are providing journalists with the information that they need to write a story, so that there is no confusion. This page provides information on their media, blogs, resource center, downloads, media contacts, RSS feeds, fact sheets and more. The page shows all of the articles that have recently been written about them, as well as the press releases and other company news. By giving the reporters everything that they need on a daily basis, this will help maintain a productive relationship.

Managing Director of Communications, Jeanette Krebs agrees that maintaining positive relationships with reporters is important. Krebs came to work for Bravo Group in 2002, and said that the method of media relations has changed since she started. Public relations firms used to promote their clients on billboards and television commercials, where as now they are more focused on social media. When working in media relations, it is important to always keep up with how technology changes. Krebs said, “it is important to read everything that is going on in your industry.” This way, you can provide your clients with the best service.


Megan Bratton/Harrisburg Intern

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