Communication, Collaboration and Connection: The Core Practices of a Tech-Savvy Office

Google Drive.  Accuconference.  Zoom.  These technological business staples, when utilized to potential, stir the mix of productivity and innovation to make Bravo Group unstoppable.  How else could the day-to-day functions and team members of Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Pittsburgh weave ideas together to produce a safety net of services for clients?
 After this past week in the office, I have found myself in awe of the application of technology to the office setting.  Three things that stuck out to me over the past week have shown to be testaments of the efficient and effective technological age.
 COMMUNICATION. Keeping everyone in the company on the same page seems simple but this is definitely a skill that must be learned.
Bravo Today, a comprehensive media outlet, is sent out daily to keep all Bravo members up-to-date on current topics and trends in the news. Since everyone is reading the same news sources and articles, Bravo employees can have well-informed conversations to produce better results for clients.
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COLLABORATION. With a serious collection of team members who are experienced leads in a variety of industries, it is essential to create a breadth of knowledge and understanding.
This summer, Bravo’s hosting its own spin-off of internally based Ted Talks to encourage all team members to familiarize themselves with a wealth of topics from the best in the business.  Having the privilege to sit in on two so far, I have to admit that these creative outlets help to inspire a common interest in all things Bravo because it creates a space to get answers about unfamiliar topics or industries from an expert’s perspective.
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CONNECTION. Working in the communications industry, I value the importance of establishing relationships with others to produce meaningful conversations. I’ve learned how this can be accomplished through the strategic use of social media.
This week I had the uncommon privilege to “stalk” the 2014 Energy Digital Summit in Houston, Texas via Twitter hashtag #EDSHouston.  The end goal was to make connections to the most talked about presenters and gather whatever insights that I could about the best presentations from the event.  Let me tell you, I felt as if I was given VIP access to the event even though I was sitting at my desk in Pennsylvania.
                                        energy digital summit
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I know what you’re thinking: I am a Millennial.  Shouldn’t I have grown accustomed to the technological age?  But since I was raised with accessibility to such tools, I struggle to fully recognize and appreciate the efficiencies of the technological revolution.  I often take for granted that a whirlpool of information is only a click/favorite/share/swipe/hit/like away.  Not to mention that the digital age is encouraging major buzz words like communication, collaboration and connection to take a life of their own.
Bravo has certainly offered my first glimpse into what makes a tech-savvy, thriving office environment successful.  I wonder what opportunities will present themselves as we continue to move forward.
Aly Bartolomei
Bravo Group, Wayne Intern

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