Bravo and the PA Steel Alliance Take Action

The city of Pittsburgh has always relied on its steel.  It’s known for its steel and it was built on steel.  What a lot of people don’t know, though, is that Pittsburgh’s long standing relationship with steel is in jeopardy, along with the thousands of jobs that it provides for our city, state, and country.  This is all due to one thing—foreign steel dumping.
Foreign steel “dumping” has always been a major problem for the domestic steel industry, and recently is directly threatening the vitality of the industry here in Pennsylvania.  Dumping is defined as the practice of exporting products at a subsidized, below-market price.  Countries such as South Korea, India, the Philippines, and many others are taking advantage of this “dumping”, which in turn jeopardizes American mills.  Since January of 2014, about 1000 American jobs were lost.  Additionally, industry experts are concerned that lack of law enforcement against foreign dumping will keep America from its long time goal of reaching energy independence.
To make a change, Pennsylvania steel companies knew what had to be the next step—influence public policy.  At the Save Our Jobs Steel Rally in Pittsburgh, PA Scott Paul, the President for Alliance of Manufacturing explained, “Those middle class paychecks get spent on Main Street.  They get spent at the restaurant; they get spent at the car dealership, at the hardware store.  And those are hard to replace.  When you lose manufacturing jobs, generally it’s not manufacturing jobs that take their place.  It’s something in a lower wage economy.  That’s one of the reasons we need to make sure we have a level playing field on trade. We allow more of those middle-income jobs to be generated across our country.”  Ultimately, to stop foreign dumping and maintain steel and manufacturing jobs in America, the U.S. Department of Commerce needs to rule to enforce existing trade laws.  This is where Bravo Group comes in.


If I’ve learned anything throughout my years of schooling, it’s that to make things happen, you have to take action.  Not only is the Bravo Group instrumental in promoting the Pennsylvania steel industry, developing a new brand identity, and lobbying state and local officials, but they also took action.  Bravo Group played an integral part in the Save Our Jobs Steel Rally here in Pittsburgh by crowd building and providing vast amounts of social media for the event.  Bravo’s rally tweets and the event hashtag #SOSJobs jammed up twitter feeds all over Pennsylvania.


Here at Bravo Group, we continue to use our campaign style approach to persuade the U.S. Department of Commerce to take action too, by ensuring a level playing field with other countries, and in turn saving thousands of jobs and America’s hope for energy independence.  Until a final decision is made, Bravo Group will continue to take action for the PA Steel Alliance.
Marsha Reisinger
Bravo Group, Pittsburgh Intern

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