Meet Margaret Durkin

My name is Margaret Durkin and I would have never ended up at Bravo as a government relations intern had it not been for leaving what I knew behind to pursue something new and unknown.

When I first started college at Saint Joseph’s University, all I thought I would ever do for four years was compete in collegiate speech and debate. I started public speaking at age thirteen because I was terrified of speaking in front of groups and decided to give it a go to calm my nerves. After my first tournament, I was hooked and went on to compete throughout high school and ultimately college. Even though the activity took up most of my time, it helped me become a more confident speaker and gave me the opportunity to travel to other parts of the country and compete locally, regionally and nationally. While on the team, I was Vice-President and Tournament Director for the nationally-ranked tournament the team organized every November. I was also a sister in the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority on campus and met my friends for life there. Halfway through college, I realized that speech wouldn’t go on forever and that I needed more internship experience to put me in the best position after graduation. When I transferred to Temple, everything was completely different from Saint Joe’s. I decided to do their Pennsylvania Capitol Semester program which is how I ended up at Bravo. I interned with the House Urban Affairs Committee for three and a half months and met some amazing people.


Before Bravo, I also interned with Philadelphia City Council and Duane Morris Government Strategies.

I’m from Montgomery County, specifically Abington Township. I’ve been there all of my life and have three older sisters and an older brother.


My brother and his wife are expecting a baby girl in July and she will be the first niece of my immediate family. I love animals, especially horses and dogs. For a few years when I was younger, I showed horses on the local circuit back home and worked at a barn. When people ask me what I would do if I ever won the lottery, I always say that I’d buy a property and rescue as many dogs as possible for them to live a better life there. Maybe one day! I have a one and a half year old Golden Retriever named Clover who we got when she was seven weeks old.




She is our family’s princess and the only Golden Retriever you’ll ever meet who doesn’t like water. I tried coaxing her into the pool last summer and she is now terrified to get close to it. Hopefully it’ll happen this summer. Because she doesn’t like water, it is impossible for me to give her a bath so she often looks like this:


Aside from the internships I did through Temple and the coursework from the past year and a half, I mainly like to read. I usually try and follow the bestseller list and read books before they become movies, such as The Hunger Games and Divergent. I just read The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt and it was awesome – I highly recommend that book and her other two works. If I can, I like to get down the shore for a couple of days and, of course, go to Uncle Bill’s for some pancakes.

This summer, I hope to meet more people, especially during budget time in June. So far, learning about the different healthcare issues has been extremely rewarding. It’s a lot to take in at one time but I’m slowly getting used to everything. I’m really happy to be working mainly on healthcare due to the major changes that are taking place right now. Being on the team at Saint Joe’s was one of the best experiences for me, but it didn’t complete my four years of college the way I thought it ultimately would. I can’t wait for what’s in store in the coming months with Bravo.



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