Meet Megan Bratton

*Bravo-(interjection) Used in praising a performer.

I am an optimistic thinker. I believe that most situations can be fixed by thinking positively and finding a solution. To introduce myself, I began each paragraph with “bravo,” the same exclamation used when praising a performance or congratulating someone,  because I am happy and excited to start this next part of my professional journey and to show the positivity in different aspects of my life.

In January 2014 my internship at La Torre Communications ended, and my supervisor recommended that I check out Bravo Group for my final internship. I went home that day, researched the company and contacted Megan Dapp immediately.

Bravo to interning at Bravo Group: My name is Megan Bratton, and I am the communications intern at Bravo Group’s Harrisburg office.

I graduated from Central York High School in spring 2011. I knew that college was the right decision for me, but that I did not want to go too far from my parents. The next thing I knew, I was moving into my new home at Kutztown University.

Bravo to college: I recently graduated from Kutztown and am taking the first steps into my new life as a public relations professional. During college, I took public relations positions in two organizations: The Association of Campus Events and the national sorority, Delta Zeta. I was also the assistant Arts and Entertainment editor for the school newspaper, The Keystone. During college, I had three public relations internships at the United Way of York County, Glatfelter Insurance Group and La Torre Communications.




Every professional writing major at Kutztown must complete up to a level-four class in a foreign language. I chose Spanish, and decided to fulfill my language credits by taking two entry level courses, and studying abroad!

Bravo to studying abroad: In May 2013, I packed my suitcase and flew to San Jose, Costa Rica, where I lived with a host family and took classes at the Institute for Central American Development for one month. My host mom, Paola greeted me saying “Pura Vida!”, which means pure life. Though I had expected to learn a lot from this trip, I had no idea what I was in for. The first few days were challenging, but once I adapted to the culture I fell in love with the country. I learned how to adapt to a foreign atmosphere, overcome my fears and began to realize how much potential I have.




Bravo to a little more about me: I have two dogs, Bonnie and Clyde who I treat like my siblings. They are miniature dachshunds, and love attention. I am one of five (human siblings), and have eight nieces and nephews. In my free time, I enjoy playing volleyball, exercising and cooking. My favorite shows are Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy and Housewives of Beverly Hills. My biggest goals in life are to start a career in PR, travel the world and live a happy life.






Bravo to Bravo Group: I am ready to learn everything there is to know about  public relations and advocacy, explore the GR field and work harder than I ever have before. Bravo Group provides a quality learning environment that affords the interns to thrive in the PR field, and I have the privilege to intern here!

Though I have only been working here for a little over one week, I already see that Bravo Group provides a positive atmosphere where everyone is willing to help one another. There is so much that I will learn here, and am grateful for this opportunity.


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