Going Live

TImagehere has been a big change at Bravo Group in the past few months. This change doesn’t involve a client or event; it has to do with a new platform of technology, which will change the way Bravo Group employees communicate and collaborate. In February, Bravo began its migration from its old email platform to a new, more efficient method of communication.
I had the opportunity to sit with Rhett Hintze, COO and Technology and Procurement Practice Lead at Bravo. He is the mastermind behind the Google Transition. He let me pick his brain about why Bravo decided to make the switch and what Google has to offer.
Why did Bravo decide to switch over to Google?
 “Bravo has been looking for a while to find a platform which gives team members the ability to work anywhere at any time,” explains Rhett. With multiple offices at Bravo, there was a need for a platform where you could access anything at any geographic location. Think about it: I previously have written about having to work at home during our winter snowpocalypse. Now, employees at Bravo don’t have to look in a million different places for important emails, documents, and projects.
What are some of the cool features that Google has to offer?
According to Rhett, speed and performance are two of Google’s most vital features.  Also, the different Google apps are a helpful asset to the Bravo team. “The largest and most important feature of Google is Gmail,” Rhett emphasized. Gmail allows those at Bravo to have access to their email from any device, anywhere. This is helpful for those at Bravo who are always on the move, whether it be in Pennsylvania or travelling throughout the country on business.
Google Drive is another app that will be beneficial to client teams. With important documents, Rhett is excited about the ability to directly collaborate on projects in real time. With Google Drive, many people can work on the same document at once. This allows everyone to view changes people have made to a document so everyone can work together. With the collaborative nature of the Google platform, projects can be completed more efficiently and accurately. In addition, there are countless other apps that Bravo can use to serve many of the different functions in the agency.
What have been the biggest challenges with the switch?
One of the biggest challenges is getting everyone accustomed to a new platform. People at Bravo have used the same platform for years. Therefore, it can be a challenge to get everyone accustomed to using something different. Despite the challenge of getting people familiar with Google, Rhett is confident that people are going to love it. “I am excited to help people to understand the vision of what they can do with Google apps,” says Rhett.
Speaking with Rhett taught me a lot about how useful Google apps can be.  In public Relations and communications, it is always important to be connected wherever you go. With Google, Bravo can do exactly that. With all of the technology updates going on at Bravo, Bravo will always be live in the action.
-Ashleen McDonough
Wayne Intern

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