Bravo Group shares favorite SuperBowl traditions

This Sunday, across the country millions of football fans and non-football fans alike will be tuning in to watch one of, if not, the biggest American sporting event of the year: the SuperBowl.
SuperBowl XLVIII, or SuperBowl 48 for those of us who need a refresher on reading Roman numerals,  will feature the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos going head-to-head for the title of SuperBowl XLVIII Champion.
Many individuals have their own traditions when it comes to watching the big game, and here at Bravo Group we are no exception.
Bravo staff seems to enjoy three things when it comes to watching the game:  eating food, spending time with friends and family, and waiting for the hilarious commercials to hit the screen.
Anna Idler said she likes to keep her plans for the game simple.
“Usually for the SuperBowl, I like to keep things low-key and meet a couple of friends out at a bar or at one of their apartments in Philly to watch the game, or my roommate and I have people over to our place.”
Ashleen McDonough, a fellow intern in the Wayne office, also said connecting with friends is one of her traditions.
“Unfortunately, I have not yet in my life had the opportunity to see my hometown team make it to the SuperBowl; therefore, I usually rely on friends whose hometown team is in the SuperBowl to make the plans.  They are usually more eager to plan something. One thing that has stayed consistent with my SuperBowl Plans is that I eat lots of food and usually have extremely positive or negative opinions about the half-time show—last year Beyoncé stole the show.”
While some Bravo members enjoy spending time with friends, other members enjoy preparing and devouring snacks throughout the game and looking out for those funny commercials.
Lauren Manelius said, “My SuperBowl tradition is to make a lot of snacks and pay attention during the commercial breaks.”
Noelle Lorine said, “Despite years of trying to get interested in football, I’ve finally resigned myself to the fact that it will never happen. However, I do love the SuperBowl for two reasons: food and commercials. My newest tradition is scanning Pinterest for fun, new SuperBowl-themed recipes to bring to the party and impress everyone with my domestic skills.”
Last year, Noelle used Pinterest to find a recipe for these football cookies that she said turned out “great.”
Source: Courtesy of Pinterest from Pillsbury Baking
Source: Courtesy of Pinterest from Pillsbury Baking
Let’s face it, a big draw for SuperBowl viewers are the commercials. Whether they are hilariously funny or tug at your heartstrings, we can’t overlook the heavy price tag associated with a 30 second spot — over $4 million!  According to an article in the Philadelphia Business Journal, advertisers said they cannot rationalize spending $4 million per 30-second time slot because they said they will not receive a return greater than or equal to the amount spent on the commercial slot. 
A few individuals without SuperBowl traditions still enjoy watching the game even if their team is not playing.
Sarah Battisti took her son to the SuperBowl in 2012. She said she predicts Denver will win this year.
Bill Miller said, “As a Steeler fan I usually get to watch the game wearing my jersey and rooting for the Steelers.”
Dennis Walsh said, “As a New York Jets fan, I am only vaguely familiar with this thing called the SuperBowl.”
Since I don’t watch the game every year, I have no standing tradition. When I do catch the game, I enjoy eating snacks with my family and waiting for the commercial breaks also. Because I always like to root for the underdog, I predict the Seahawks will win.
My reasoning cannot compare to Lauren’s.
“The Seahawks are going to win, because in a real life fight between a sea hawk and a bronco, the hawk would win because it would swoop down and peck the bronco’s eyes out, and then wait until the bronco blindly knocked itself out before going in for the final kill,” Lauren said.
I may not know about real-life battles between sea hawks and broncos, but on SuperBowl Sunday I will remember to…               
                                Watch. Eat. Laugh. Enjoy.
Alizah Thornton
Bravo Group –Harrisburg Intern

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