Digital Trends: It’s all about content marketing

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The world of social media is a vast one encompassing everything from internet-crazed teens constantly updating their statuses and posting photos to businesses trying to enhance their company’s presence online.
 How is one supposed to stay above the curve in this dynamic field of social media marketing?
Social media strategists have to determine ways to get their information to consumers who are actually interested in learning about their company.
 Bravo Group’s Digital Specialist Noelle Lorine provided this intern—who is heavily interested in anything involving social media—with some insights on the current trends in this industry.
 When social media first rose to prominence businesses created social media presences on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc… yet often with little strategy aside from pure self-promotion.
 More business and organizations are becoming aware of the various social media channels available to use for marketing and the audiences associated with them.
 As the social media industry has matured, it is not enough anymore to use social media purely for business promotion.
 Organizations now have to focus on producing content on their social media channels that engages their target audience(s) and keep(s) them interested in learning more about what the company has to offer.
 This is known as content marketing.
 Content marketing is defined as “the process of developing and sharing relevant, valuable and engaging content to a target audience with the goal of acquiring new customers or increasing business,” according to the eBook “Power Your Story: Content Marketing Essentials for PR,” provided by Cision.
 Both social media marketing and content marketing have the same goal: “to generate more interest in your business by driving traffic to your website and building brand credibility,” according to Noelle.
 Even with similar goals, content marketing requires a little more thought.
 “Content marketing has brought about a shift in thinking—marketers are now laser focused on their target audiences’ needs and interests. Once they understand this, they can produce content that resonates with the audience. So, instead of focusing on the channel, we’re now even more focused on audience,” Noelle said.
 Some examples of the types of content marketing materials that can be posted include infographics, photos, blog posts, fact sheets, and videos.
 Bravo Group incorporates this idea in their clients’ campaigns, which Noelle says has helped Bravo better serve its clients. Two important questions are asked before developing a social media campaign or strategy for Bravo clients: Who is your audience? What do you want them to do?
 “We take the time to really analyze each target audience segment before developing the strategy we need to win on behalf of our client,” Noelle noted.
Noelle has many more industry insights when it comes to social media. Her latest piece: “Nix the Buzzwords: Be straightforward and your message can be heard” explains overly used words in business communication.
Alizah Thornton
Bravo Harrisburg Intern

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