Bravo Style Secrets

In the few weeks leading up to my internship at Bravo, I had a ton of thoughts going through my head: “What projects will they have me doing?” “What kind of experience will I have?” “What will I wear?!?!”

A college wardrobe calls for many staples: t-shirts, yoga pants, jeans, sweatshirts, shorts, and other comfortable yet unprofessional attire. Over the last four years I have based my wardrobe on my college lifestyle and never thought to buy clothes which would be practical to wear in the workplace.

That being said, the week before my internship started I was frantically trying to pull outfits together that I could wear to work.  I wanted to dress my best to make as good of an impression as possible. I initially thought that I was going to need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. However, after doing some digging through my closet, I realized that I had plenty of clothes that would be perfect for work!

Bravo’s dress code is business casual which leans more on the side of casual. This gives those at Bravo the ability to look professional while also staying comfortable and stylish. I noticed that people at Bravo have great style and always look both professional and chic!

I asked some resident expert stylists at Bravo for some tips on how they stay stylish at work:

ImageJill Wolfe: “I took some advice from Fashion/PR trailblazer Kelly Cutrone: Wear Black. I tend to have a very dark wardrobe to begin with but black is a necessity.  I’ll wear black all year, even in the summer. To me, it’s quietly classy – not in your face, but professional.”

Jennifer Riley:  “Be comfortable. Wearing ill-fitting clothes will always be uncomfortable, no matter how cute the outfit. Wear sensible shoes. We’ve all been there. The super cute, but waaaay too high heel. It’s never worth it (at work, anyway).”

Noelle Lorine:When I’m out shopping, I try to buy clothes that work for both the office and the weekend so I can justify spending the money. Also, I rely heavily on scarves. Any boring outfit can be transformed for the office by throwing on a scarf. I also stalk Pinterest for outfit inspiration (and life inspiration in general).”

Anna Idler: “I am a strong believer that a fun scarf is often a positive addition to an otherwise simple ensemble – whether it’s patterned or a solid, it dresses things up and can add a little color to your outfit. I also am a big fan of heeled ankle-length boots for fall and winter, and wedges for spring and summer – since I’m only 5’1, obviously on the shorter side, I love cute (but comfortable) shoes that make me a little taller in the office.”

Alizah Thornton:One style tip I would recommend for an intern transiting into a business casual or professional dress code in the office is prepare your outfit for work the night before.  By preparing your outfit ahead of time, you can tell whether the outfit is appropriate or not. This also gives you time to mix and match and create a tasteful outfit to work. Plus, you save time getting ready in the morning because you already know what you’re going to wear!”

Anne Merrick:My way to dress for the workplace while maintaining my style is to keep it simple and classic with clean, crisp lines, minimal jewelry and little, to no makeup. I typically always go for a straight leg, ankle length pant so that I can stick to flats (I’m 5’9” so I try to steer clear of heels) or slip on boots. I typically pair it with a simple button down and blazer or sweater or a peplum top.  I suspect in the spring and summer I will switch it up to skirts and dresses which are typically pleated or flared and always pair with a long-sleeved top .I have one structured work bag which maintains the integrity of any notebook that I throw in there and can support a laptop or iPad.”

Other tips that I have learned:

1. Take advantage of post-season online sales. I noticed that a lot of stores have sales after holidays and at the end of the season. This is a great time to stock up on wardrobe staples at a great price.

2.  Don’t be afraid to ask. If you are unsure if an outfit is work-appropriate, speak up! You are a lot better off asking if your denim bodysuit is work appropriate and getting turned down rather than showing up in it and breaking the dress code.

3. Be creative! I realized that a lot of the clothes that I thought I couldn’t wear to work could be worn if I was a little more creative. Experiment and mix and match to discover another whole wardrobe in your closet!

What you wear to work can make a lasting impression on co-workers, clients, and even passer-bys. Therefore, it is always important to attempt to look your best. With a little bit of planning and creativity, you can arrive every day to the office in style!


Note: All photos from Pinterest

– Ashleen


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