Signing Off

So it’s here. Today, November 27, marks the final day of my internship. Since my first post gave you a little bit of information about me, I thought it was only appropriate to end with a post on what my Bravo experience has taught me about myself.
I’m a morning person.
That’s right – the late to bed, late to rise college lifestyle is gone. I realized that I’m actually most productive in the morning, before lunch. Go figure!
I need organization.
To DoMy desktop, intern folder, assignment log, and desk space – EVERYTHING must be organized. Also, I LOVE to-do lists – more than that, I love physically crossing things off my to-do list. My need for organization even went so far as to make alphabetical spreadsheets by building for Capitol deliveries.
I love to write.
One of my favorite parts of the internship was all of the writing! I loved drafting blog posts, press releases and media advisories. I learned from all of the peer edits I received, and I feel more confident in my ability to write for clients now. I struggled a little bit learning how to write blog posts and recognize that writing for a class is much different than a blog. However, I enjoyed the challenge and feel like I have a much better grasp on it today. I can definitely say that I feel like my writing style has improved since I started here, and now I have a lot of professional writing samples to add to my portfolio!
I enjoy being in Harrisburg.Harrisburg
I grew up in Dover, PA, a super small town with one main road surrounded by farms. I went to college in Shippensburg, which is a lot like Dover, so I never had any “city” experience. My interview at Bravo was my first time in Harrisburg; I made a wrong turn, fell and scraped my knee on the way in, and couldn’t find the garage I parked in when I left. Needless to say, I was really worried about navigating Harrisburg after all that.
However, after being at Bravo and getting a chance to get to know (and get lost in) Harrisburg, I can honestly say that I am much more comfortable in the city setting now, and even enjoy it. I definitely feel more confident that the Harrisburg area is the place I’d like to start my career.
I picked the right major.
My internship at Bravo has taught me that I really enjoy “real-life” public relations. I loved how every day at Bravo was different from the day before. I really enjoy the problem-solving aspect of public relations and the diversity of tasks that are involved. I feel much more confident now in my ability to create strategies and develop tactics for clients, a skill that I will take with me wherever I go next.
Signing off,
Kayla Krebs, Harrisburg Intern

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