As I Bid Adieu….

My time with Bravo is coming to a close. I have been dreading this day for the past couple of weeks and while I may shed a tear of sadness, I am also immensely grateful for the opportunity to spend the last few months at Bravo Group.
In an attempt to make this somber event a little more lighthearted, I will use examples from movies to share things I’ve learned while at Bravo.
1.       Don’t be afraid. Admittedly, I hate looking stupid. But who doesn’t? Everyone at Bravo welcomed me with open arms and truly wanted to see me succeed. The more I tried things I haven’t done before, the more I learned. The only way to get the most out of a great opportunity, like interning for Bravo, is to put yourself out there.i-volunteer
2.       Bravo is filled with great leaders. Everyone at Bravo is a great source of knowledge and brings something different and unique to the table. I knew coming into the internship that I would be working for a respected organization, but I quickly learned that they could teach me a lot more than I imagined. k kid
 3.  Organization and consistent formatting rock. There are few things more satisfying than creating a document that is easy to read. After creating many excel and word documents that are essential for executing projects, I grew fond of handing them off knowing they were aesthetically appealing.  beautiful
4. Take advantage of the location. One of the great things about working in the Wayne office is the location. Unlike many other offices, Bravo is surrounded by many great restaurants and shops. I am not from Wayne, so I loved taking a walk and getting to know the town in my spare time. titanic
5. Have fun and soak it up. My time at Bravo has flown by, and I am sad to leave. It was easy coming to work every day knowing I would be surrounded by an encouraging, insightful and fun group. I appreciate everyone’s contributions to making my experience as an intern extremely worthwhile.

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