Which PR is right for you: Agency, Corporate or Non-Profit?

Not all public relations jobs are the same. Jobs vary depending on whether they are with an agency, corporate or non-profit organization. As I continue my job search and prepare for a career in PR, it is important to know all of my options.

My internship at Bravo offered me my first glimpse into agency PR. I’ve learned that, to thrive in an agency environment, PR professionals must be very good multi-taskers because they may be working with multiple clients dealing with different situations. A great deal of agency work involves helping companies and individuals gain free editorial coverage. PR professionals draft press releases and pitches to be sent to media outlets seeking coverage. They also might plan an event or work with clients on talking points and speeches.

Corporate PR is different in the fact that PR is done for your employer, not individual clients. This is called “in-house PR.” Companies that hire their own communications/PR teams include hotels, restaurants and retail stores, to name a few. These professionals are committed to promoting their brand, not juggling different clients.

By contract, nonprofit organizations provide social, educational or welfare services to the public. Some examples of non-profits include healthcare agencies, social welfare organizations, churches and educational institutions. Often times, the organization hires only a few people for their communications staff. These individuals are focused on motivating people to use the organization’s services and support the mission. Communications projects often focus on fundraising initiatives and public policy issues.

PR Chart

For more information about the different types of public relations, visit these links:




Photo Credit: http://progressions.prssa.org/index.php/2012/02/22/what-type-of-pr-professional-are-you-meant-to-be-infographic/

Kayla Krebs, Harrisburg Intern

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