An Inspirational Day with 7,000 of my Closest Friends

Last Friday, Bravo Group’s women came together from all three offices to attend the Pennsylvania Conference for Women at the Philadelphia Convention Center.
The largest women’s conference in the state provided an opportunity to learn about leadership from some of the brightest and most experienced women around the country.
Overcoming Adversity
glennonThe first session I attended featured Glennon Doyle Melton, a recovering bulimic and alcoholic, who turned her life around after finding out she was pregnant in 2002. She is the founder of the popular blog, which focuses on family, motherhood, marriage, recovery, faith and connection.
When Glennon faced adversity after troubles in her marriage, she took time away from her family where she decided she wanted to know what she loved. Her conclusion: “When you find things you love, it has to be because you love the process of doing them, not just the outcome.”
One of her best pieces of advice was to always have three types of women in your life—a therapist, a woman in front of you in your career to look up to and a woman behind you in your career to mentor. “We can either be perfect alone, or messy together.” I definitely agree that it’s better to be messy together.
No Ceilings
 The highlight of the day for many was hearing former First Lady and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, speak about her “no ceilings” initiative. This initiative aims to empower women all over the world in the 21st century. Clinton said, “I believe that women everywhere can be, and are, agents of change, drivers of progress, makers of peace, and all we need is a fighting chance to show what we can do in every part of life.”
Make the Hopeless, Hopeful.
lindaLinda Cliatt-Wayman, principal of Strawberry Mansion High School in Philadelphia, gave the most inspirational speech of the day, and left many in tears after her humble words.
Linda spoke about her experience working at “one of America’s most dangerous high schools” and the challenges that surround it. Most of her students live in poverty and face unimaginable conditions on a daily basis. She shared her belief that all children, no matter their economic status, should be given an equal education. It is her goal for her students to remember that they have the ability to become something better through education. She encouraged all women in attendance to help her “make the hopeless, hopeful.”
~Brittany Dudas

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