Exciting Things Are Happening at Bravo-Harrisburg

When you think about what makes an organization effective, you probably think about leadership, strategy and efficiency. One thing that might not come to mind is interior design. The way that your organization looks and feels can really maximize productivity and promote your brand.
According to the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), four key design factors have been found to affect efficiency: comfort, access, privacy and flexibility. A strategic office layout with these four factors in mind can help an organization and its employees achieve their objectives.
Recently, Bravo has been under some serious redesign and construction projects, striving for a more consistent look and feel between its Harrisburg, Wayne and Pittsburgh offices.
Now that the projects are all near completion, I wanted to give you an inside look into the work spaces that our Harrisburg team does their great work in. From fresh paint in the stairwells to the highly anticipated new conference space, Bravo Harrisburg is polishing up.
Bravo Construction Picture 024Our building is not your traditional office building – our floors are tight and narrow, allowing us to occupy multiple floors of our building on 2nd Street. Each department has its own designated floor, allowing for that open teamwork atmosphere. The communications team calls the sixth floor home, while our GR team is just one floor up. Bravo’s creative and administrative teams are staged on the second and eighth floors. All the way at the top, we have a conference space on the ninth floor and a rooftop deck, where many parties and functions are held throughout the year.
Bravo Construction Picture 014As mentioned, one of the bigger construction projects in the revamp is a new conference room. Bravo needed an alternative space for Bravo, client and industry-related gatherings, and the new room on the second floor satisfies all those purposes. With this new space, Bravo can now host events all year round regardless of the weather. This space is capable of seating up to 45 people. All of the furniture is stackable or on wheels, so the room can be rearranged from classroom to table to reception style as needed.
Bravo Construction Picture 002Bravo didn’t stop with second floor redesigns. Floors seven, eight and nine have also seen some touch-ups. Seven and eight have new renewable cork flooring, a bright new color scheme, and new furniture on the way. Also, there are talks of adding additional windows in the ninth floor conference room to provide a better view of the Susquehanna River.
As Rhett Hintze, COO and head of Bravo’s construction project, puts it, this project is all about “incorporating more open work spaces and creating a unified Bravo vibe.”
Bravo’s interior design project was used as a tactic for a larger Bravo-branding project. The Bravo decision makers definitely put a lot of time and strategy in planning the future design of our offices. The new, clean work spaces give Bravo staff all of the tools to be successful and produce the best results for clients.
Kayla Krebs, Harrisburg Intern

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