What Will They Think of Next?

One of the major sectors that Bravo and our clients focus on is the energy industry. This field is constantly changing – new inventions and new methods are developed every day to help with energy efficiency and making the world more “eco-friendly.”
Here are some of the creative energy innovations that have been developed this year:
Bus Powered by Hydrogen
Hydrogen BusThe Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) partnered with NASA to develop a bus that runs entirely on hydrogen. The bus is fueled at the first ever electrolysis-based station in Ohio. The station collects and purifies Lake Erie water and uses electricity to split it into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen is then stored in tanks ready for use. The bus’ only emissions are water and heat.
Trash Burning Space Reactor
NASA has invented a reactor that turns space trash into a power source. The reactor is an 80-pound device that incinerates a variety of trashTrash Burning Space Reactor that astronauts accumulate in their space trips. The trash burns at 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit and is converted into methane gas, oxygen and water. A year in space could generate enough trash for 2,200 pounds of methane, which is enough to power a launch from the moon. The reactor could be a solution for parts of the world without power plants or garbage processing facilities.
Artificial Photosynthesis System
Did you know that plants only use 10 percent of the solar energy they receive, or that plants aren’t nearly as effective being green as they would be if they were black? Caltech chemistry professor Nate Lewis was frustrated with how wasteful a plant’s photosynthesis process is, so he created a black artificial photosynthesis system that is 10 times more efficient. It only uses sunlight, water and carbon dioxide to produce “fuel as energy-dense as gasoline and as friendly to the environment as a daffodil.” Importantly, the system doesn’t contribute to greenhouse gas.
Algae as Oil Source
Algae Plastic BagsDid you know that algae produces clean energy biofuels, cleans waste water, removes carbon dioxide from the air? In the process of removing this carbon dioxide, some species of algae produce oxygen-based cells that are loaded with oil. Some types can even produce 2,000 gallons of oil per acre per year. This is a really fascinating discovery – however, NASA scientists are trying to solve how to grow enough to meet demand.  They are planning on deploying a massive plastic bag in the ocean and filling it with sewage. Algae will grow and thrive off the sewage, effectively transforming it into fresh water and oil.
From a bus powered by hydrogen to algae that creates oil from sewage, the energy field is exciting and advancing all the time. Bravo is excited to work with its energy clients as the field pioneers the nation into a more efficient future.
You can find out more about 2013 and future energy innovations at http://climate.nasa.gov/energy_innovations

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Kayla Krebs, Harrisburg Intern

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