The “Delicacy” of Healthcare: An Interview with Anne Hart

Obamacare is a hot topic in the news right now, and it got me thinking about the healthcare industry and how Bravo represents its healthcare clients.
Anne HartI don’t know much about healthcare, so I interviewed Anne Hart, Bravo’s government relations healthcare practice lead, to get a better understanding about the healthcare industry and the services we offer to our healthcare clients.
Bravo’s Healthcare Expertise
Bravo offers both government relations and communications services to its healthcare clients. We help clients define and modify their objectives, track relevant legislation, monitor daily news, foster and cultivate relationships, provide weekly updates, and represent our clients in the Capitol.
According to Anne, Bravo is unique in its healthcare expertise because it offers a campaign-style approach to win the tough fights. Whereas many other firms specialize in government relations alone, Bravo combines government relations with communications and alliance development to address various levels of client needs.
Some of our healthcare clients include:
  • The American Cancer Society
  • The American Dental Association
  • The American Diabetes Association
  • The Pennsylvania Association of Community Health Centers
Anne says that healthcare clients are different from other clients because they are more regulated and face more funding restrictions. Since healthcare insurers and providers receive their funding from the government, they are more heavily impacted by budget restrictions than some other industries.
The healthcare industry is also very sensitive to change. As Anne put it, the field is very “delicate” when it comes to legislation or policy reform. If a local policy is created or changed, it may benefit the local community, but these changes often ripple across the state and create just as many new problems as they fixed.
Case Studies
But Bravo isn’t afraid of a little delicacy, and we have the successes to prove it.
One of Bravo’s biggest healthcare successes was for the Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America (PhRMA). PhRMA’s objective was to aid patients without prescription coverage in finding assistance programs to get their medicines for free or at a discounted price. Bravo worked with PhRMA to implement a variety of tactics, including advertising, a traveling enrollment bus, event participation, community partnerships, legislator involvement and media coverage. With Bravo’s help, more than 500,000 visitors viewed the PhRMA website and 360,000 Pennsylvanians received prescription assistance.
Another of Bravo’s successes came with the Clean Indoor Air Act. Bravo worked with the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association and the American Lung Association to pass legislation requiring clean indoor air. Bravo helped these organizations expand their alliances, lobby local city council members and state legislators, publish stories in the media, host live events and create advertising. With these tactics in place, the Philadelphia City Council enacted a clean air ordinance, and the state legislature followed up with its own legislation.
And these are just some of our accomplishments in the healthcare field. We have many more to come.
For more information on Bravo’s healthcare expertise, visit

Photo Credit:

Kayla Krebs, Harrisburg Intern

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