Early Bird Gets the Worm

One of the most disappointing sounds in a daily routine is the ringing of your alarm clock. I know the marimba tone, courtesy of my iPhone, doesn’t always excite me in the early morning hours. But, according to an article titled “12 Things Killer Employees do before noon,” people deemed “early birds” are generally happier, healthier and more productive than “night owls.”
Do you want to know what some of these standout employees do to stay ahead of the curve? Here is a list of 12 things killer employees do before noon from U.S. News:
  1. They make a work to-do list the day before
  2. They get a full night’s rest
  3. They avoid hitting snooze
  4. They exercise
  5. They practice a morning ritual
  6. They eat breakfast
  7. They arrive in the office on time
  8. They check in with their boss and/or their employees
  9. They tackle the big projects first
  10. They avoid morning meetings
  11. They allot time for follow up messages
  12. They take a mid-morning break
I decided to find out how some of Bravo’s best start their days:
Jen Riley: “Drink coffee! Read the morning clips.”
Noelle Lorine: “The first thing I do when I get to work is read up on what’s going on in the world. I scan the front pages of all the Pennsylvania and national newspapers, courtesy of Bravo’s daily emails. I also check in on what’s going on in the industry, focusing particularly on skills/areas that help me do my job better (social media, digital trends, PR). Third I check Muckrack (www.muckrack.com) to see what journalists and other influencers are tweeting about, and determine how we can inject Bravo or our clients into the conversation. None of this would be possible without my daily dose of Starbucks iced coffee by my side.”
Jill Wolfe: “Check my email, read through Bravo’s Front Page for interesting articles, grab a glass of water, set my Pandora station for the day (today is 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s) :), then get to work!”
Megan Earley:  “The first thing I do is make my to-do list for the day listing things I have to get done or meetings that are scheduled for the day – rarely do I get everything done that day because things pop up but I love crossing things off the list”
Anna Idler: “I am a HUGE list person, so before I leave work the night before I always have a to-do list somewhere on or in my desk to remind me of tasks I have to accomplish first thing. When I come in every day, I immediately look at that and try and tackle it before I get any new assignments. I also skim the news online, and often make a mid-morning coffee run to Elegance Café across the street from our Wayne office.”
Chris Getman: “My morning routine is the same every day, when it comes to work I’m a creature of habit.  Daily routine includes:
  • Night before: task / check list out needs for next day
  • Coffee and breakfast at home while getting the kids ready for school
  • Check email before leaving for work
  • Once at work, answer any additional emails I haven’t taken care of before leaving the house
  • After taking care of emails, read same 4-6 news sites 
  • Start meetings / work based on what I have on the calendar, more coffee…”
Megan Dapp: “Read my emails, read my online news clips, get my coffee and drink my juice (protein/veggie/fruit)”
The morning isn’t always easy, but getting into a healthy and productive routine can lead to success.
Brittany Dudas, Wayne Intern

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