Tweet Tweet!

My absolute favorite social media platform is Twitter.Since its launch in 2006, Twitter has made a lasting impact on modern communication, not to mention a whole new meaning to the word “tweet.”
This 140-character limiting medium was originally created as an SMS-based communications tool. It was a way for friends to know what each other was doing and stay connected. But as it grew rapidly, it became a communications tool for news publications, celebrities, politicians, corporations, and pretty much anyone who wanted to speak out.
Reasons why I love twitter:
1.       Connect with your favorites
Users can connect with friends, celebrities, and athletes and create conversation by tweeting at them. Often, celebrities post personal photos and videos to connect with their fans, showing a “behind the scenes” view.
2.       Know the biggest news stories right away
Even if a news story hasn’t been written yet, news outlets usually take to Twitter to announce breaking news.
3.       Hashtags
A hashtag is using the symbol “#” before a word which creates a link. When you click on the hashtag, users will see all other tweets using that hashtag as well. This is a simple way to create conversation with other users.
While Twitter has become a popular tool for communication, it is important to use it strategically based on the nature of your business. Here are some ways Bravo Group (@bravogroup) uses Twitter:
1.       Posting links to other media
By posting links to blogs, YouTube, instagram, and news articles, Twitter becomes the central location for everything Bravo Group.
2.       Retweeting articles related to their field and their clients
Retweeting helps news to continue circulating and adds great press for our clients.
3.       Glimpses of campaigns
It is important to keep followers up to date on all things Bravo, including our current projects.
4.       Live tweeting of important events
Usually this will include a hashtag to see who all is contributing to coverage of an event.
I suggest you log onto twitter right now and follow @bravogroup!

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