Kayla_K: An Introduction

3 Things You’ll Want to Know About Me

1. I come from a BIG family.

Intro Pic 1I am the oldest of five crazy Krebs kids. Next in line is Meredeth, my 20-year-old sister who works as a therapeutic assistant at a nursing home. Meredeth just recently had a beautiful baby boy, Liam, who I absolutely adore. 🙂 After Meredeth comes Alex, a 13-year-old boy into all things video games, superheroes and baseball. Then we have Jake, my other brother who, Intro Pic 2at 12 years old, has read parts of the Harry Potter series, the Hunger Games series, and several others. But reading isn’t his only talent – he also knits, crochets, plays the flute, is learning the keyboard, and hosts his own server on Minecraft. Finally, we have Allison, my 7-year-old sister/princess. She loves baking, getting her nails done, Justin Bieber, and playing outside.
Intro Pic 3Meredeth and I are my mom’s and my dad’s daughters, andIntro Pic 4 Alex, Jake and Allie are my dad’s and my stepmom, Dee’s, children. My mom works as a nurse, and my dad installs cable for Comcast. My stepdad, David, works making dentures for DentSply, and my stepmom stays at home with my youngest siblings.

2.     I’ve been with my boyfriend for over 4 years.

Intro Pic 5David Juba is my best friend, my support system, and my rock. I met him in sixth grade when he moved to my district, and in eighth grade, he was in my homeroom. He was my first boyfriend, first kiss, first slow dance, the first boy I held hands with, everything. We were both kind of shy though, and we ended up deciding to just stay friends. Since J comes right before K, he was in my homeroom again in high school, so I saw him every day for four years. Long story short, my senior year I wound up without a date for prom just two weeks beforehand, and when I told a group of friends (secretly hoping he would ask me), he did – by chasing me down in the hallway right after the bell rang.
We started dating right after prom – on May 27, 2009, to be exact, and we’ve been together ever since. We went to college together, worked as resident assistants together, and pretty much lived together. I have talked to him literallyIntro Pic 6 every day since day one, and I can’t imagine my life without him. We are exact opposites – I’m outgoing, spontaneous and sometimes a little reckless, and he’s conservative, calm and a stay-at-home type. Whenever I’m too scattered, he helps bring me back down to earth, and whenever he’s too reserved, I help bring him out to try new things. We cook, watch movies, go to the beach, go to crazy events like Fairy Fest and the Renaissance Fair, kayak, and game together. Speaking of which

3.     I’m an avid video gamer.

I LOVE playing video games. My whole family does. I’ve been gaming since my dad brought home a Nintendo 64 when I was little. Now it’s almost always what you’ll find me doing in my spare time. Way to go, dad.
I’ve played numerous different games, but lately I’ve been focusing on the Kingdom Hearts series on the PS2. I just beat Kingdom Hearts 1 last weekend, and you better believe I’ll be working on the second one when I’m not at Bravo.
Kayla Krebs, Harrisburg Intern

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