All You Need is Coffee and a Good Book

As the summer begins to come to a close, students around the country prep themselves for 10 long months of school. This consists of buying text books, notebooks, and other required paper products; with most of them dreading the 100 + pages they have to read each night.
Me, on the other hand, is jealous of the obnoxious amount of reading college students do. Students have access to the most recent studies, research, and resources at the snap of a finger. As an avid reader, I miss the days where I could get lost in a book all day and evaluate every word on the page, silently agreeing or disagreeing with the author’s thesis.
This blog post is for the post-grad or anyone with a demanding career that does not have time to take a college course – even though I would recommend taking a college course that interests you every now and again (it might even be worth the cost).
I reached out to Chris Bravacos, President and CEO of Bravo, asking his suggestions for top reads for professionals. The following is his MUST READ list:
  1.  “The Effective Executive” by Peter Drucker (and anything else by Peter Drucker).
    • Peter Drucker wrote management-related literature. He was a professor, consultant, and writer. He was born in Austria in 1909 and became one of the most influential writers regarding business and management, along with many other topics.
  2. “Juicing the Orange” by Pat Fallon and Fred Senn.
    • This book explains the approach of manifesting creativity and how it is used in the organizational culture and into campaigns to deliver results. A company’s guide to marketing and being successful at it.
  3. “Blue Ocean Strategy” by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne.
    • W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne explain how to make competition irrelevant. The authors argue the negative effects of competition and rather explain the benefits of strategic thinking with strategic business moves.
  4. “The Writer’s Art” by James J. Kilpatrick
    • Every professional needs how to write, and write well for that matter. James Kilpatrick’s book breaks down techniques and examples of good writing that help professionals improve their writing skills.
  5.  “You are the Message” by Roger Ailes
    • Here at Bravo we know that communication is key. However, Roger Ailes takes it even further by explaining how each individual is a communication machine. What we say, wear, do, and do not do are all sending messages to the people we interact with. Ailes’ book explains to the reader the importance of living and breathing the message that they want to be in the world.
  6.  Local and national paper.
    • Lastly, where would a PR professional be if they didn’t read the news. I personally make it a habit to check my favorite news sources almost every hour. Being up to date on what is happening in the community, in the nation, and around the globe will not only better you personally but it will better the company you work for. You never know when something you read can help with client work and a client’s cause.

Constantly learning and gaining new knowledge are not only professional benefactors but personal ones. You never know when you might learn something and then come to find out that the little fact you learned was the key to securing a client, new job, or new friend in the coffee shop. Just because we are out of college doesn’t mean we can’t learn like a college student. Happy Reading!!


Nathalie DeChellis

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