There’s an App for That!

We live in a mobile world so it’s time to put that smart phone to good use! As interns, it’s important to use the resources around you. One of the best devices an intern can have at their side is their smart phone. Need to make a phone call? Done. Send an email? Ok! Lost? Google Maps! – All right there on your phone.
Here are some great useful mobile applications for interns:
Snag the internship
indeedIndeedInternship SeekerInternMatch and of courseLinkedIn will help you search and apply for internships or jobs.
Stay in the loop
cnnNY Times and CNN, to name a few, are available on your mobile device. And when you are an intern it never hurts to know what’s going on in the world, especially if you’re working in PR. CNN allows you to not only watch video clips, but follow news events LIVE. You can even upload pictures or videos to contribute to the story.
Look it up
We are interns, we don’t know everything! If you ever need to look up a quick bit of information use Wolfram Alpha. Type in your question and get answers. I for one did not know about this app until I tried it… trust me, it’s awesome!
No intern can get by without the use of the most popular social networking sites. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest aren’t just for personal use anymore! YouTube is great for video tutorials on tasks you don’t know how to complete. Need some music to stay focused? Use the Pandora or Spotify app. Twitter will update you with breaking news and Facebook will let you know what the public is saying about certain topics.
Stay Organized
Use Dropbox or Googledocs so you can access all of your files no matter where you are. Google Calendar will keep you organized with day, week and month views, reminders and event invitations.
todoGet a to-do list app! Conque lets you prioritize your projects based on context, energy levels or time required to complete the task. Wunderlist lets you easily manage the status of tasks and lets you collaborate with others on projects.
Remember the Milk will sync with Google and Outlook, tweet your tasks, and has the ability to use “smart lists” that will set reminders, add locations and tags to keep you better organized.
Have trouble getting up in the morning? Use a sleep cycle alarm clock like “Sleep as Android” it tracks your sleep cycle and wakes you up when you’re in a light sleep.
Urban Intern
Interning in a city lets you use some of the coolest mobile apps. Parking Mate will let you know where the closest place to park is and keeps track of how much time you have left on your meter.
Find a subway with AllSubway. It doesn’t matter if you are interning in Baltimore or Berlin, this app will help you find the closest subway stations. Taxi Magic will help you hail a cab, pay with a credit card, and track the arrival of your taxi. Want an all-in-one app? Then get the My City mobile app. Maps, places of interest finder, category searcher, alerts for events, driving directions, and connections to Facebook and Twitter are all capabilities of My City.
WiFi finder will let you know where the closest hotspot anywhere around the world.
starbucks-app1If you’re at a coffee-getter internship download the Starbucks App that lets you know where the closest Starbucks is and you can pay with your phone.
These apps are perfect for making an intern’s life easier. Do you have a favorite mobile app? Share it below!
Mischief Managed,

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