Education of the Future

teacher-at-blackboard-vintage-look-286x300When I first started school the teaching process had changed so much from the time that I went from elementary to high school.  I wasn’t just being asked to type up a short summary of a news article anymore. When I hit high school, technology was inserted into every class from smart boards to laptops.
 When I started my freshman year at SRU it amazed me how many technological resources were at my disposal and how many of my friends had no idea how to use them. I was thankful that I attended a school district that introduced me to the basics so I was able to quickly catch on when learning different programs in my multimedia courses.
 Today, technology is making an even stronger presence in elementary and secondary education. Where I had a chalkboard, today’s students will soon have a smart board that will “recognize voices, handwriting and visual cues” (Impact News).
So what’s the benefit of having technology in the classroom?
tech classHere at Bravo Group, I was able to observe a video shoot going on to promote the benefits of hybrid learning. Many schools are implementing this type of learning process in the classroom. If you’re unfamiliar with hybrid learning, the process is simple. The classroom is split into three different sections based on their learning skills. The class is rotated through 3 different stations throughout the class period: Independent study, where students get the background knowledge needed by doing research on their own online; direct instruction with the teacher; and collaborative where the kids interact and work with each other.
“Look it up” – Have you ever asked your parents something and the only response they give you is to look it up yourself? People will retain information better is they do the research themselves rather than have someone stand in front of you for an hour lecturing. Today if you were researching the battle at Gettysburg you would have an infinite amount of information at your disposal with access to the Internet.
Virtual field trips – I couldn’t tell you what year the battle at Gettysburg took place, but I do remember visiting the town on a school field trip. For those students who are unable to attend a field trip, they can visualize the information virtually.
verizonNo more sick days – I remember having to go to each of my friend’s classroom to pick up their books and their homework and bring it to them at their house if they were feeling sick. Now you can be in the classroom from home.
These are just a few examples of how technology can improve education. Hybrid learning is a new and modern teaching method that will help shape education for the future. How do you think education will change in the coming years?
Mischief Managed,



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