Social Media Tips From Howard Greenstein

Two weeks ago, several Bravo employees had the distinct pleasure of having Howard Greenstein come to our Bravo Wayne office to give a presentation on Social Media, a presentation he gave earlier in the day to local non-profit organizations in the Philadelphia area.
Here is a little background on Howard:.
howard greensteinHoward Greenstein is a marketing technology strategist and President of the Harbrooke Group, which specializes in helping companies communicate with their customers using the latest web technologies. Howard has a deep understanding of both the technology and marketing worlds, and sits at their intersection. He has worked with clients from the Fortune 500, Cable Networks, and Wall Street, as well as major advocacy groups, helping them establish an online presence. Howard also teaches social media at the Masters of Integrated Marketing program and the Heyman Center for Philanthropy and Fundraising at NYU SCPS.
greensteinHoward’s career, prior to starting his own firm, has spanned corporate and not-for-profit organizations such as the Twin Towers Fund, Microsoft, JP Morgan, and New York University, as well as several start-ups. He is currently a blogger for Inc. Magazine, writing the weekly
Startup Toolkit column, sits on the Board of Directors ofSocial Media Club and is president of the NYC Chapter.Howard earned a B.S. from Cornell University, and a Masters of Professional Studies from NYU’s world-renowned Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP).
I was lucky enough to sit in on this shortened session. Here are a few things that Howard highlighted in his presentation that can help give you an edge in developing your next social media campaign!
  • Rising importance of Google+
  • Google+ can help an organization show up higher on a Google search.
  • Linking a clients/company’s website to a Google+ profile helps to raise its ranking within the search engine.
  • Anything posted in Google+ immediately links with Google.
  • Vine – Hot or Not?
  • Worth experimenting with, but since the videos are only allowed to be six seconds long you have to be very creative for it to really work effectively.
  • Vine seems like it would be more effective dependent on a type of message.
  • i.e. very effective in conveying “by the time this video is up, this is how many people would be effected by such and such” or something along those lines in terms of causes or charities.
  • Not as effective in trying to sell a Mercedes Benz to someone.
  • Measuring Your ROI (Rate of Investment) Through Social Media
  • Using your time effectively and efficiently in developing any kind of PR campaigns is crucial to your success.
  • Social media has become a fast, efficient and cost effective way of testing copy.
  • “With social media, you can treat a $100 donor like a $1 million donor”.
  • A $10 Facebook ad has the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of people compared to a television ad that is considerably more expensive.
  • Compared to the traditional methods of advertising/messaging (i.e. newsletters, etc.) advertising through or using social media is considerably less expensive and just as effective at getting out your brand or message.
  • Tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Insights allows you to track how effective a post, tweet or a message on your website is, or how effective a post or tweet is working on sending customers/donors to your website.
  • Emergency Message Strategy
  • Sometimes things don’t always go according to plan, and more and more with through social media strategies that are out there it is becoming more popular for social media campaigns to become “hijacked”.
  • Make sure to always have a “back-up plan” for any social media campaign you develop.
  • Social media is becoming more and more unpredictable in how people will receive certain campaigns, and sometimes the message you want to get out there isn’t always the message that is interpreted.
  • i.e. Kony 2012 social media campaign.
  • Crisis PR Plan: when all else fails; “social what if’s”.
I hope that these cliff notes on Howard’s presentation are as helpful to you as they have been to me so far! And if Howard is reading this, thanks again for a great presentation and for all of the useful tips! If you want to read more about Howard or want more information about social media campaigns, check out his website at
-TJ Lonergan

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