Where Are They Now?

Chris Bowman
What has Chris been up to since leaving Bravo?
chrisbowman (1)After interning at Bravo, Chris began an internship at a public affairs firm in Washington D.C. called Gibraltar Associates (now McBee Strategic). From there, Chris graduated from Dickinson College with a degree in Political Science while also writing for PoliticsPA. After graduating, Chris interned on the hill for Montgomery County Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz. Being more interested in the more partisan-oriented side of politics, Chris then began working on the Obama presidential reelection campaign. After the 2012 election, Chris was named as a fellow with the Presidential Inaugural Committee. Currently, Chris is working at a small, center-left think tank down in Washington D.C. called NDN, where he is the assistant to the President of the firm. As he describes, “it is about 50% writing, research, and media management, and 50% administrative (scheduling, etc.).”
What did Chris take away from his internship at Bravo?
Working at Bravo taught me the importance of framing issues within the context of the current debate. It’s not enough to just start a PR campaign on an issue with great writing – how does it fit in with the political, or cultural, landscape. Understanding this is crucial to successful projects. As a great, smaller firm, Bravo really gave me a hands-on experience that enabled me to develop a well-rounded set of skills – writing, research, pitching, everything. It’s been instrumental in every interview I have had since.”
What is Chris’ best piece of advice he can offer to current and future interns at Bravo?
“I’m going to cheat here and give two. 1) Ask as many questions as you can. Interning is the best way to learn, especially at a firm like Bravo, because you’re going to work with a smaller number of people and will be more integrally involved in projects. Ask why a staff member is doing what they’re doing, or why they’re doing it that particular way. Also ask if you can try to help out as much as possible, without being too annoying about it! 2) Read the news as much as possible to help you stay informed and up to date.”
What is Chris’ favorite memory from interning at Bravo?
“A few different things. Attending different meetings at City Hall was a really cool experience. Successfully pitching a couple different events related to cyber schools was also really cool. And working on drafting some legislation related to a defense contract and working with different organizations was also really rewarding as well.”
-TJ Lonergan

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