In Honor of National Pistachio Day

When I say the phrase “Get Crackin’” what do you think of? If you automatic answer is Wonderful Pistachios you are correct! Who doesn’t love the pistachio adds featuring famous singers, actors etc.? Wonderful Pistachios has a dynamic advertising campaign that has reached millions of TV viewers across the country. Yesterday was National Pistachio Day, so in honor of the pistachio’s holiday I am exploring Wonderful Pistachios’ advertising techniques.
A Little History Lesson
wonderfulpistachios1According to the Get Crackin’ website, pistachios were born in the USA in the 1930s. Ten years later, the pistachio finally reached its potential and the Kerman pistachio was released. In the United States, the major producer of pistachios is California.
Get Crackin’ Videos 
gandam style2Their newest video called Psy has received 697 Facebook likes and 2,995,216 views! The video plays off of Psy’s popular music video, Gangnam Style which is up to 1,359,067,312 views on YouTube. People dressed in pistachio costumes doing the Gangnam Style dance, what a great way to promote Psy and pistachios! The video leaves audiences with the Gangnam Style song and dance in their head and craving pistachios. This is an example of the bandwagon technique. Viewers see famous people   eating pistachios and it makes the viewers want to be “cool” like the celebrities and eat pistachios too.To attract viewers to their website, along with the pistachio videos, they also feature Online Exclusives which show behind the scenes footage, and bloopers.
A Purchaser’s Dream 
A store locator is featured on their website which allows customers to type in their zip code and find the nearest store that sells pistachios. I am not just talking about your nearest grocery store; this store tracker locates ALL retailers in your area – drug, grocery and discount stores like Target. The built in Google Map feature allows you to send the store directions to your email! Another advertising lesson learned, convince is key. Go onto the pistachio site on your smart phone or computer and you have instant directions to meet your pistachio needs.
Get Crackin’ Blog 
For the blog readers and technology lovers out there, the website has a blog for your reading pleasure. It allows you to Like, Tweet, Pin or post it on Google Plus. Colored with pictures on each post, the page has great eye appeal. The timing of the post’s releases is not consistent but the site is updated about once every one to two weeks. The posts are brief, which is great for those who want a quick news roundup. For those who want a bit more information, there is usually a longer article that you can click on. The Get Crackin’ Blog promotes their news events as well as events that affect pistachio news such as national heart month and the new release of Lightly Salted and No Salt Pistachios.
Let’s review the advertising lessons learned from Wonderful Pistachio’s advertising campaign.
  • Promoting your product using celebrities helps you gain popularity not only for your product but for the person promoting it.
  • Providing consumers with easy ways to find your product in local retail stores means more popularity and profit.
  • Appealing to the blog world is a useful technique to share quick news events that spark viewer’s interest in the product.
After reading this, I bet you really want a bag of Wonderful Pistachios don’t you? Wonderful Pistachio’s advertising goal has been achieved!
~ Ali McFadden

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.” – Frank Zappa


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