Kick the Jingle

Driving to work every day I see dozens of billboards on the side of the road. Flyers hung up on local business’ bulletin boards and radio spots are everywhere I go. I honestly can’t say I pay too much attention to any of them.
Enter flash mobs, sticker bombing and guys dressed up in costumes. Advertising has changed greatly throughout the years, and one of the more recent and popular changes of advertising is guerrilla marketing.  Companies have kicked the jingles and moved onto a more modern, unconventional way of getting their message to target audiences. In moving away from educating the audience to engaging and entertaining the audience companies were able to see improvements in their advertising (weburbanist). This is the type of marketing worth talking about, and believe me, people do!
Take a look at some of these fun guerrilla marketing campaigns.
“Wii’ll Never Forget” – Nintendo created wall designs made of post it notes. On the reverse side was an invitation to play classic games from the 80’s.Wii-Guerrilla-Marketing-Campaign
TV2 advertised the launch of Batman Begins by placing Batman stickers on sidewalk lights to shine the bat signal into the sky.  batman
“Its Ur Call”
This campaign poster is wrapped around a telephone pole to advertise the dangers of texting while driving.its ur call
Project Cuddle
Project Cuddle used this advertisement to create awareness on child abandonment. A poster of dirty newspapers on a baby-changing station symbolizes the area of where abandoned children are often left.  cuddle
This ice cream stick is shaped like a toothbrush to remind you to brush your teeth… with Colgate toothpaste of course. colgate
Coca Cola
This advertisement had magnets hidden behind the poster that attracted metal objects to promote Coca Cola’s new “grip” bottle.coke
Prison Break
The popular television miniseries hid these inside cakes to promote the show.prison
Skin Cancer Awareness
A towel shaped like a coffin was used to create awareness of the damages too much sun exposure can do to your cancer
King Kong 3D
 This movie made a “smash” on the beach by shoveling huge footprints in the sand along with a destroyed jeep to promote the film premiering.king kong
Manholes were covered in these pictures of a coffee cup with holes in them for the steam to escape all over NYC.folgers
What do you think works best? Modern guerrilla marketing or traditional print advertising? Maybe a good balance of both? Do you have a favorite advertising campaign? Tell us below in the comments section and check out over 100 examples of guerrilla marketing at
Mischief managed,

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