Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness Week, February 11 – 17, was last week but why pick one week out of the year to do kind things for others? You should do random acts of kindness at work every day! I am not suggesting you buy your boss a bouquet of flowers every week but doing a small, thoughtful gesture can brighten someone’s day. Here are some suggestions for kind acts to do around the office:
Randome-Acts-of-Kindness1Greet people and display a cheerful attitude. Even if everything in your day has gone wrong, making someone else feel good will make you feel good. When you enter the office, greet everyone you see (preferably by name). Also, when you write emails to your fellow employees address them by name. This creates a formal tone and is more sincere then composing your email with a one-liner like “thanks a lot.”
Help a coworker with their work. It is important to remember that everyone has a different knowledge base and you can always teach your co workers something new. Make time to help a coworker who is having trouble with a project. As you both work for the same company, it is likely this project will affect you as well. Assisting them may be as simple as answering a few questions but it could make a difference when the project is completed. They are also more likely to help you when you have questions because you have helped them previously.
Say please and thank you.These days, using manners is becoming a thing of the past. People expect you to complete tasks and do not express their gratitude. Whether it is in person, over email or though text message, begin your request with please and end it with thank you. It lets the person know how much their work is appreciated and boosts their confidence, making the product of their next task even better!
Volunteer for unwanted tasks. During your work experience, there will most likely be a task or project that no one volunteers to work on. Every opportunity can be a learning experience so the next time a task is up for grabs, seize it! Even if you have done the task a million times, make it a million and one. It will either solidify the skills you have or teach you something new as your complete it. The person assigning the task will appreciate your effort and you will be seen as a “team player.”
Provide encouragement For projects that are really complicated or time consuming your coworkers could probably use some words of encouragement. Either in person or through email, send a short motivational message on how their advanced skills will guide them through the project.  Explain how beneficial their project is to the company and the value of their hard work. Any little encouraging word will be sure to raise their spirits.
It is a known fact that expressing kindness at work generates positive vibes in the workplace. Don’t just follow the kindness tips I listed, come up with your own kind gestures as well. No complaints or excuses go into work and spread a little kindness!
~ Ali McFadden
“Kindness, like a boomerang, always returns.”– Author Unknown

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