Bravo’s Favorite Personal and Professional Reads

On these cold winter days, what is better than curling up with a good book? Whether it is a personal or professional read, nothing trumps reading an excellent book. If you are searching for reading suggestions, look no further! Below I have listed favorite personal and professional reads of Bravo employees. Happy reading!
 Personal Reads
1776 by David McCullough
It is probably one of the best history books out there. There is no one better then David McCullough when it comes to looking at a period of history in a way that you usually wouldn’t in a classroom. I recommend it to anyone who loves history or just is interested with the American Revolution or that time period. It is a great read, not too long and really well written.
(Recommended by TJ Lonergan)
The Bullfighter Checks Her Makeup: My Encounters with Extraordinary People by Susan Orlean
I love reading about interesting people. Some of the people she profiles in the book are famous, some aren’t. For example, she profiles an African king who drives a taxi in New York City and keeps his throne in his living room, a regular old ten-year old boy, and a dog. Everybody who loves people and likes to think about human condition would love this book!
(Recommended by Lauren Manelius)
Travelers Gift – by Andy Andrews
It was one of those books that I read at the right time in my life and I thought the book was written for me. I have read it multiple times now and every time I read it I learn something new and get something different out of it. It is kind of a fiction-self help book. The main character is in the middle of a rough time in his life is super relatable. Just read it – it’s a different book for everybody.
(Recommended by Megan Earley)
The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas
 First, I think Alexandre Dumas is one of the greatest writers of all time despite the modern notion that sentimentalism and/or romanticism are geared to a less critical mind or thinker which I find is a preposterous notion. Secondly, the scope of Dumas’ work is breathtaking. The depth of the characters is masterfully done as is the historical context wherein he places them. Of all of Dumas’ works, I love The Count of Monte Cristo the most because of the raw power and emotion the story delivers and because of the type of story it is; there are so many mind blowing twists and turns throughout the story and Dumas manages to perfectly tie them all together at the end. The complexity of the title character, Edmund Dantes, is fantastic and his story of revenge and overcoming injustice, in my opinion, sets him aside as the quintessential archetype for the revenge saga in the western literary canon.
My mother read this to my siblings and me when we were very young and I’ve re-read it numerous times throughout my lifeand it never fails to inspire me. I would recommend the book because it forces the reader to confront and challenge the notions we have regarding justice and injustice, what we perceive as right and wrong, entitlement, integrity, self-sacrifice, courage, power, servitude, true wealth, true love and the loss thereof, and if there is such a thing as righteous retribution.
 (Recommended by Ben Ludwig)
The Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy
I absolutely love the way this book is written – it’s narrated by the main character, a man named Tom Wingo, as he is reflecting back on his childhood in South Carolina. I would recommend it because the storyline is so in-depth and interesting that it makes the book impossible to put down, and I would probably recommend it to an audience ranging from high school to adult.
(Recommended by Anna Idler) 
Are you there vodka, it’s me Chelsea by Chelsea Handler
I’m not a big reader so it’s hard to pin point a favorite book that isn’t something silly like Harry Potter. But I’m trying to change that by checking off every book on the “20 books you should read in your twenties” that I found on Pinterest. So far this is my favorite book on that list. It’s hilarious! I can’t say I have related to any story she told but the whole time you’re thinking “did this actually happen to her?!?!” She’s nuts! I would recommend it to any girl looking for a good laugh.
(Recommended by Jill Wolfe) 
The Host by Stephanie Meyer
This may not be my absolute favorite book but it is definitely in my top ten! After reading the Twilight series I found this book and it is completely different than anything Stephanie Meyer has written. It is a science fiction and romance novel that takes place in the future where aliens called Souls who have taken control of the earth and all of the humans on it. The novel centers around a Soul named Melanie Stryder who is the last human that has not been taken over. Although a Soul named Wanderer is implanted into the body of Melanie, Melanie’s mind stays intact and fights against the takeover. During the novel Wanderer begins to form an emotional connection with Melanie and the memories of Melanie’s love named Jared and her brother Jamie. This book is full of adventures and once you start reading it you never want to put it down. I recommend it to anyone who is into science fiction and love story types of books.
(Recommended by Ali McFadden)
Professional Reads
On Getting to the Point by Dave Yewman
 I read this book last year and really liked it. Yewman is a strategic communications expert who wrote this book for people who need pointers on speaking clearly in public, writing effectively at the office, executing an elevator speech, and other workplace skills of that nature. I’d recommend it to young professionals who are interested in/work in communications!
(Recommended by Anna Idler) 
Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die by Chip Heath & Dan Heath
I like it because it’s interesting, and doesn’t get into public relations jargon speak.  It talks about what makes ideas catch on and gain momentum. Anybody in the public relations or politics field should definitely read this book.
(Recommended by Lauren Manelius)
If you have to cry, go outside: and other things your mother never told you by Kelly Cutrone
By the time you’re done with it you’ll feel like a total empowered woman ready to kick some butt! I would recommend it, again, to any young woman entering the career world looking for some good solid advice that you can only get from the unfiltered voice of Kelly Cutrone.
(Recommended by Jill Wolfe)
 The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use Social Media, Blogs, News Releases, Online Video, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly by David Meerman Scott  
A Business Week Best Seller, this book goes beyond the basic marketing and PR skills and brings new ideas of ways to market your company. It is a very detailed book and gives you website address’s at the bottom of almost every page so you can do further research. It is based on Scott’s blog and focuses on the ideas of interaction, education and choice. This is the 3rd edition of this book, the new one should come out this summer and I am excited to read that one as well! I would recommend this book to anyone interested in marketing and PR, it really gives you a new perspective on media in the digital age.
(Recommended by Ali McFadden) 
~ Ali McFadden
“We read to know we are not alone” – C.S. Lewis


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