Bravo Pets

Who is always there for you no matter what? Your pet. If you have a rotten day, they know exactly how to cheer you up; or if you have a great day, going home to your pets friendly face just makes it better.
Here is a glimpse into the quirky habits and funny stories our Bravo pet owners have experienced.
Mary Quigely: Here’s my dog Rocky in his favorite pose – sleeping on the living room sofa. Rocky’s an American Bulldog mix, found tied to a tree in Virginia.  My daughter had friends there who were trying to keep him in an apartment (he weighs in at around 100 lbs).  They’re in the Mary_petNavy and the apartment manager said he had to go because he looks like a pit bull.  A pit on steroids maybe, but nonetheless he had to go. My daughter is an animal lover and hated to see him go to the pound and knew that with all the kids gone from the house I would have time to care for Rocky, so she brought him home without asking – I’m checking with my daughter but I’m pretty sure it will be 10 years this summer – he was almost two years old then. 
 Fun Fact – NO ONE comes in my house uninvited, the sound of his bark has chased many a UPS man down my very steep front yard in fear that I’d let him out.
Getman_petChris Getman: Mollie is a 5 year old yellow lab we adopted three years ago.  And like any lab, there isn’t a squirrel, rabbit or bird she doesn’t think she can catch if they set up shop in our yard.
Fun Fact – Since our daughter was born, Mollie’s favorite past times are sleeping with our daughter and trying to eat food out of her hands.


TJ_petTJ Lonergan: Abby is 8 years old and probably the laziest dog I’ve ever known. She doesn’t like to go for walks; she will get to the end of the driveway and sit down. However, she is an amazing lap dog and will sit with me and watch a movie or a TV show for hours and not think twice about it. This is great when my family is running around all over the place and you catch yourself home alone! Other than that, she recently had a tail-ectomy (she had to have half of her tail removed because of growth on it) back in December.
Fun Fact – She loves watching basketball and coming up to practices for my dad’s team to see his players. When we first got Abby, we took her up to the school and she pooped right in the middle of the court during a fast break drill  It was hilarious!
Anna_petAnn Idler: Maisy is a yellow lab that my family got from a breeder who lived on a farm in Lancaster, PA. The day we picked Maisy out, we couldn’t take her home for a few more days just because she was a week or two too young to be away from her mom. But when we left that day, I remember her following us to the gate and turning her head to the side just looking at us, like she was wondering why she wasn’t coming with us right then! My sister and I had the most fun time growing up with Maisy. She was very active and loved to be outside exploring. Maisy has a calm side to her as well; she is always well-behaved around other dogs and is extremely loyal and sweet. Maisy is thirteen now – pretty old for a lab! I am so happy she has been a part of our family for so many years.
Fun fact – When my sister and I were little and Maisy was a puppy, we would always lay on our stomachs on our living room floor to watch movies. Every time we did this, Maisy would scramble over, and completely stretch out (paws out in front of her, and feet out in the back) over our legs, and would fall sound asleep.
Anna 2_petOwen is a black lab that my family got when I was in high school, on Christmas Eve! He is such a playful and fun-loving dog – seriously nothing tires him out. Nothing. Owen could run around our yard playing fetch for DAYS if we allowed him to. He is five years old, but is still built kind of like a puppy, which we all think is hilarious – he’s so skinny and small! Owen is such a funny and great dog, and even though he is unpredictable, I think that’s what we all love about him.
 Fun fact – Owen loves hats and will keep them on for hours if you put them on him at the right time (aka when he’s tired, which is rare). Here’s a picture of him with a backwards hat on in the car – he wore this on my mom’s and my entire drive down the shore this past summer.
Noelle_petNoelle Lorine: Molly is a West Highland White Terrier (Westie), and my family got her when I was in fifth grade. Molly is the princess of our family, loves being the center of attention, and somehow always gets her way.
 Fun Fact –  She listens to classical music all day while the rest of the family is at work and spends most of her day sleeping on top of plush throw blankets on a recliner in the living room (we call it her throne). I’m secretly really jealous of her life…
Chris_petChris Bravacos: A five year Bichon-Poodle, Izzy loves fetching tennis balls, any human food she can steal and sleeping on the couch in the sun.
 Fun Fact – The postman is her nemesis.


Sean_petSean Connolly: Gibson is a Cocker Spaniel and a rescue dog. He was deemed “rambunctious” by the rescue center folks, who asked us to adopt him. Apparently, his unbounded energy was too much for a family in Georgia and they sent him to the pound.
Fun Fact – There is no question that this dog is nuts. However, my kids and my wife love him dearly. So he has remained with us for the past five years.
Bill_petBill Miller: We have a 6 year old (his birthday is today) Wheaten Terrier named Theo.  Theo is a rescue dog – we got him a year ago from a family in Akron Ohio that could no longer take care of him. Theo is a family dog.  He is very protective and very in need of affection.  Having three kids – he usually gets his share.  But sometimes he likes to show his affection in unfortunate ways.

Fun Fact – When I return home – and this only happens to me – Theo frequently greets me by peeing on my leg in sheer joy.  After a year of ownership, I know not whether this is an insult or the most sincere form of dog love.  I do however await a potential mess every time I return home.
Topper Ray: Delilah & Samson – Delilah (yellow) has had 2 liters of puppies. Topper_pet




Megan 1_petMegan Earley: Brandi is spunky, snarky and sassy. She knows she is the princess and if you forget you are toast! She loves going for walks and checking in with all of her neighborhood friends. She has charmed them into buying her treats so on every street on our block she knows where she can get “yummies.” Brandi is super protective and does not play well with other dogs or people that she doesn’t know or like – we say that she is a good judge of character!
Fun Fact – Brandi is named after Brandi Chastain, the winning goal scorer on the 1999 Women’s World Cup team because we brought her home in a soccer blanket.
Megan 2_petAbby is a new addition to the Earley family. After my grandmother’s passing she made the trek up to our house. Abby is definitely more laid back than Brandi but still has her own unique spunk and personality. She is also not a fan of unexpected visitors so when that happens both dogs are not happy and they let you know!  Abby is 14 years old but still has those big puppy eyes and attitude. Brandi is learning to share and Abby is learning to just follow Brandi wherever she goes and everything will be just fine.
 Fun Fact – When she lived in Waynesboro, she used to visit the local nursing home and bring some puppy love to all the residents.
Tamara Beauduy: Mia was caught sleeping with her bone in her mouth! She is a four year old Border Collie Lab mix. We adopted her when she was a puppy.
 Fun Fact – Her favorite things to do are chase squirrels and steal food off the counter.
Tammy 2_petTammy Schwalm: Molly is the Yorkie, she’s 2. Molly is only 3 pounds and loves to fetch sticks.
Fun Fact – I can throw a stick that’s much bigger than she is, but she will do whatever she can to bring that stick back to me.  I’ve even thrown sticks into the ocean and she’ll go in after it.  It’s funny.
Izzie is the Maltese, she’s 6. The dogs are inseparable and they go with me everywhere I can take them. They are just like kids to me since my children are all grown.
Fun Fact – Izzie loves to go along with me everywhere—on the kayak, on a bike, motorcycle, hiking.
Lauren 1_petLauren Manelius: Rusty thinks our house is constantly under siege by passersby and the mailman.  She started guarding mail slot around the time the mail comes every day, and grabbing the mail, so we had to get an outdoor mailbox. She loves people. She is also very smart.
Fun Fact – One time she had a stuffed orange football and a tennis ball that she wanted to carry around at the same time, so she tore a hole in the football and stuffed the tennis ball inside.


Boobers hates to play and sneezes about 37 times a day.
Fun Fact – She and Rusty lay together when they think nobody is watching, but as soon as somebody makes eye contact with Rusty, she gets up and swats at Boobers.
Ali_petAli McFadden: My guinea pig is about 6 months old. She is named Beatrix Potter after the renowned children’s author but I just call her Beatrix. For a young, small animal she has some major health problems – Beatrix is diabetic and has cataracts in one eye. She may also have some anxiety issues. I had to take her purple igloo away from her because she would stand on her hind legs and scratch the inside of the igloo. She also eats like a horse (she fit in the palm of my hand when I got her, now I have to hold her in two hands).
 Fun Fact –My sister lives in London and has two guinea pigs, Vivian Westwood (orange) and Phoebe (black and white). So Beatrix has 2 guinea pig cousins in another country!
Jill 1_petJill Wolfe: Max is my sister Julie’s dog, who works as a nurse, so Max is often at our house so he isn’t left at home all alone. “Trouble” is a more descriptive name for him.
Fun Fact – Max hates to be left alone so while my parents and I were out to dinner one night and Max left at home, we came back and found the trashcan tipped over. Max is a puggle and about a foot high – how he managed to tip over a rather large, and as you can see FULL trashcan, still amazes me. When I graduated from college, my mom ordered green and white (SRU’s colors) cupcakes that Max was able to find immediately and continued to push them off the table and rub his nose all around the box. Cupcakes were ALL OVER the carpet and scattered throughout the house. I spent the next day trying to get green sprinkles out of my parent’s carpet. But we love him all the same … plus he loves to cuddle and is great at keeping your feet warm in the winter!


karen 2_petKaren Walsh: Gunnar is 10 months old and is a Norwegian Elkhound. He needed a home, so we thought since the boys are gone it would be a good idea. What were we thinking???
 Fun Fact – His interests are gardening and reading (see pictures).
 Karen 1_pet

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