What a memorable Super Bowl

What a memorable Super Bowl. It has been a rarity in recent history to have a close Super Bowl, so for this one to go down to the last play of the game was amazing to watch. Too bad the Super Bowl commercials were anything but memorable compared to years past.
For the advertising agencies that create these commercials, their number one goal is to make it memorable so that tomorrow you are able to talk about it at school or by the water cooler at work. But, in my opinion, these commercials as a collective did not live up to the high standards Super Bowl commercials usually have.
Below is a list of the 5 most memorable commercials of this year’s Super Bowl, in case you missed them:
1. Dodge Ram Super Bowl Commercial
My personal favorite out of this year’s commercials. Dodge was able to quiet living rooms across America for one minute, the sounds of crunching chips and power outage jokes replaced by the legendary voice of Paul Harvey. Yes I am not joking, Paul Harvey. This commercial was this year’s “Halftime In America”, and if that is the measuring stick for Dodge then they hit this one out of the park (and it should since the cost for the air time alone was $15.2 million!).
SB_godaddy2. GoDaddy Bar Refaeli Super Bowl Commercial
One of the most memorable Super Bowl commercial ever, but probably not in the way that you would assume. GoDaddy was definitely trying to have the most controversial commercial of the Super Bowl, one that would be remembered by the public for weeks to come. And thanks to one of the most awkward kisses I have ever seen on television, I think they have achieved their goal.
3. Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl Commercial
It has everything you would want in a Super Bowl commercial. It is funny. It has celebrities (William Dafoe, Usher). It has fast cars and luxurious adventures. And it has Kate Upton. What more could you ask for?
4. NFL Super Bowl Commercial
You know what? The NFL makes some pretty good commercials. Last years was great and this years was even better. Completely underrated. Come on, Leon Sandcastle? Absolutely hilarious, and I am not a Deion Sanders fan at all!
5. Audi Super Bowl Commercial
It is every kid’s dream, getting an Audi on prom night. Let’s all be honest with ourselves (especially the guys out there), getting an Audi on prom night would have given me the courage to go after the prom queen and subsequently get punched by the king. Living every high school guys dream in a one minute commercial – genius.
If you want to watch any more of the 50+ commercials from last night’s Super Bowl, follow the link bellow:
-TJ Lonergan

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