Stay Fit at Work

It’s normal to feel “blah” during the day. Working for hours on end – not shifting positions at your desk. Ouch. Your brain is on information overload and your body is exhausted.
A piece of advice – move. Exercise – mentally and physically.
Picture 009Your aches and pains are probably related to the way you hold your phone, type or sit during the work day. If you work place has a gym – fantastic, but you do not need a gym to stay fit. No need to physically run around the block during your lunch hour (unless of course you want to).
Beware of dangerous traps such as lunch hour and keeping food around your desk. Work related weight gain is common so be sure to watch your food intake. The more you concentrate on work, the less you concentrate on what/how much you are eating.
Here are some tips to help you stay focused, release tension and stay fit at work.
Who needs a chair? Sit on an exercise ball. It aligns your spine without you even realizing it. Your body has to stabilize itself on the ball which means you are moving a lot. You will not be sitting in the same position all day and the ball strengthens your spine and abdominals. Additionally, you are sitting on gym equipment. Do mini-workouts in between tasks. Sitting in a chair all day reduces blood circulation – the ball improves it. The balls are cheap and lots of fun!
Desk exercises are quick and easy. Stretch your arms and legs out at your desk. Do some shoulder shrugs, neck rolls and take long deep breaths. Stand up and sit down from your desk. Shake your hands to release tension. Try a torso twist or leg extensions. Headshakes in a “yes” and “no” movement also free tension.
Set an hourly alarm to remind you to move. Get up from your desk, take a walk down the hall – clear your head and burn some calories. Take some deep breaths and you will be more alert in no time!
Stairs – everyone dreads them but they are good for you. Get water or use the restroom on another floor. No cheating – elevator use is prohibited. Running office errands? Stairs. Need a breather? Stairs. It is exercise and makes you more productive.  A “winded” feeling is common but do not give up!
Remember pedometers? They used to be really popular – let’s bring them back. They calculate the daily number of steps you take. Instant exercise encouragement. Emails are over rated. If you have a question or message for a co worker visit their desk. Both of you will benefit from the distraction. Plus it is a break from staring at the computer.
Lunch breaks = exercise time. Grab a healthy snack or lunch outside of the office. Take the long way back to the office or walk around the outside of the office building. You will discover new walking routes, places to eat and burn calories.
These are not all of the work exercise tricks in the book. Create your own work exercises and get your coworkers involved too! Staying fit, healthy and focused at work is easy – Just make sure to stay committed to your exercise plan.
~ Ali McFadden
“The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places.” – Author Unknown



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