My Road to the Movers

jill1Call me the professional intern. I’ve had my fair share of internships, each a unique learning experience. With all of my internships under my belt, I was able to move forward and get an amazing start at Bravo Group.
jill2I went to college at Slippery Rock University where I started out as a journalism major and quickly transferred to Public Relations. I picked up my minor, Film and Media Studies, a year later. With my love of photography, films and writing, I knew I was in the right place only days after taking my first communication courses. When hearing my professors talk about the PR program and internships at SRU I literally couldn’t wait to get started.
I was so eager to get an internship, I ended up jumping in too early, but it turned out to be a great stepping-stone for me. My first internship was with a photography studio where I was able to learn from a professional photographer and further my skills, but unfortunately I never really developed any of my PR skills.
But as I said, it was a great stepping-stone to my next internship at the Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts. With another year of college under my belt, I had learned the basics of PR and was ready to put them to good use! The best thing about the Whitaker Center was that I was writing every day!
jill3After the Whitaker Center I became a fall intern at a PR agency in Pittsburgh called Nak You Out where I got to work with singer Kellee Maize. I learned a lot about social media and special event planning. In the Spring SRU set up the PR Seniors with a “course internship” where I finally got the chance to build an entire PR campaign from the bottom up for a real client.
I started at my post college internship in the summer at the AACA Museum, or what I like to call “Network Island”. To me, it may have seemed like a small museum tucked away in Hershey – not too exciting. But I was quickly proved wrong when I found that the Museum was part of a national organization, the Antique Automobile Club of America.  The car hobby wasn’t just a national niche, but global! I was able to meet people from all over the world at events at the Museum. Plus, as a clueless- car girl, I expanded my car lingo and now I know what a “Flajole” is.
jill4I got a surprising phone call from Jill Smith early in the fall. I completely forgot that I had applied to Bravo Group’s Pittsburgh office when I was still at SRU. I was so excited when I was offered the position; I could hardly wait to start! Two weeks in and I’ve never had so much fun before. Hopefully Bravo will be my “last step internship” before full-time employment. While I’m here I plan on learning everything I can about Government PR, visual design and social media. So stay tuned because I’ll be talking about all things “intern”. Until then!
Mischief Managed,

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