Meet Chris Getman

Chris Getman can credit his successful career at Bravo to organic chemistry.  After receiving less- than-perfect scores in Organic Chem at Penn State, he decided to switch his major from Pre-Med to Advertising and Public Relations. Flash-forward to 2012, and Getman now works  on a variety of campaigns for pharmaceutical companies, Pennsylvania Bio and Sunoco.
Getman will be four-year Bravo veteran in February. 
Pharmacy to PR
Getman first connected with Bravo employees in 2005 while he was working for the pharmaceutical company Cephalon, which has since been acquired by Teva. He said he appreciates the Bravo work culture because employees have the opportunity to grow within the company. He added that every employee who works at Bravo is extremely motivated.
Getman_0“I work for a company where the leadership cares about the business and the individuals,” he said. “Employees are able to chase opportunities because of the interaction and support from the leadership.”
Though he has been involved with a variety of campaigns during his time at Bravo, Getman said some of his favorite projects were the Sunoco Coffee campaign, the PPA Campaign and the Discovering Cures project where the team was tasked with “building a coalition from the ground up.”
Getman said he also enjoyed working on projects for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Philadelphia because the team assisted with rebranding and communications for the organization as they embarked on their biggest fundraising capital campaign, adding  that the project partners were fun to work with as well.
“The work included partnering with Philadelphia Phillies veteran Shane Victorino on the opening of the rehabbed Nicetown facility,” he said.
 Don’t’ ask him to skydive
When Getman isn’t at work, he is home and isn’t interested in skydiving. He said that during his early days at Bravo, he told the staff during an “icebreaker” exercise that he will never skydive in his life. 
Also an avid crossword puzzler, Getman spends his free time coaching a little league tee ball team and preparing for the arrival of his second child on February 6.
“I’m excited because it’s a boy,” he said, adding that he and his wife are still deciding between several names.  (I once suggested that he name his son Getman because the name ‘Getman Getman’ has a unique ring to it. Needless to say he’s still undecided on a name.)
Like most of the Bravo employees, Getman said he is looking forward to seeing the company expand its national footprint, adding that the work Bravo has done within Pennsylvania has been excellent so far.
“We’re starting to be recognized on a more national scale,” he said. “I’m looking forward to continuing to grow both regionally and on a national level.” 

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