The moment we’ve all been waiting for…

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, folks. Kate Middleton is finally expecting, which means in nine short months another fabulous royal will be gracing us with its trendy British infant presence. And in case you haven’t been following along with our blog, Bravo is experiencing its own Baby Boom as well.
With all this talk of pregnancy, the PrDaily article titled ‘5ways running a PR agency is like having a baby’ seemed more than appropriate. In the article, Andrew Healy, owner of Water & Wall Group in New York, compares life as a PR firm owner to life as a new parent.
Even though I’m not a parent, I did find one of his major points extremely relatable. Healy said his responsibilities as a firm owner are different every day.
“In previous PR roles, I had a fairly defined set of responsibilities on which I focused (pitch media, counsel clients, etc),” Healy said. “As a new business owner and parent, this is not the case. Every day I’m faced with new and different issues. At times, it can be hectic. I never know which part of my new life will keep me up at night, but it’s exhilarating.”
As an intern at Bravo, I definitely experience facets of unpredictability each day. Other than the usual morning responsibilities like energy clips, healthpoint and blogging, there is no way of knowing exactly what assignments I’ll be working on when I walk into the office in the morning.
I have noticed the same can be said for the PR industry as a whole. PR is about adapting to what a client needs and being creative in your solutions. These unpredictable variables and challenges are some of the many reasons I enjoy coming to work each morning.
Can’t get enough of Kate Middleton? Here are some of the best Duchess-of-Cambridge-inspired websites any commoner can enjoy. has the story on the pregnancy announcement.
This website will help you dress like a princess.
This tumblr explores the trials and tribulations of what it’s like to be a princess. Not really, it’s just funny.
Kate Middleton
– Samantha Arcieri

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