Meet Colleen

Four years ago, anyone acquainted with Colleen Ingelsby knew that she was a teacher in an understaffed and underfunded school in Chester, Philadelphia. Though she had always wanted to be a teacher, the stress at work inspired her to make a change.
Colleen is the new admin assistant in Wanye. When she’s not answering phones or making schedules, she can be found decorating the office for the holidays and (most importantly) keeping the candy jars full.
Here is more on what it’s like to be Colleen.
Colleen running
Bravo and Balancing the office
Ingelsby found Bravo in August after her brother’s girlfriend, an admin assistant at naviGATE, recommended her for the job.  Her main responsibilities each day are to keep track of calendars, schedule appointments and arrange travel plans for the office. She’s the reason our office runs smoothly and also the reason why I have an excellent list of restaurants to visit in Philadelphia.
Though she has only been with Bravo for a relatively short amount of time, Ingelsby said she loves working in the office because it provides a comfortable feeling she didn’t get to experience as a teacher.
“It’s such a nice environment here. Everyone is relaxed, friendly and willing to help out,” she said. “That [environment ] wasn’t big at the school I worked for. Everyone here shares roles.”
Ingelsby said she is looking forward to helping with Bravo events in the future and can’t wait to go to Maggie’s with the rest of the staff in December.
Berwyn and Basketball
Ingelsby grew up in Berwyn, a Main Line town located right down the street from our offices. She has spent her entire life living at New Jersey beaches in the summer. (For the record, we’re both extremely excited that the show ‘Jersey Shore’ was cancelled.)
colleen and familyAlong with working for Bravo, Ingelsby also has a full time job of being a die-hard Notre Dame Basketball fan.  Having once played for the team himself, her brother is now the assistant coach.
Colleen and dog“We’ve been cheering for Notre Dame for 16 years,” she said. “And they beat Kentucky last night which was pretty awesome and a huge win.”
Ingelsby said she developed a love for running during her time as a lacrosse player at St. Joseph’s University. She has been running half marathons since she graduated and is currently training for the Philadelphia triathlon.
Though the Philadelphia race will be her second triathlon, Ingelsby is not looking forward to the swimming portion of the race.
“We’re swimming in the SchuylkillRiver. I’m not excited,” she said. “I am going to enjoy the running portion, though.”  (No surprise there)
One thing Ingelsby is looking forward to is spending Christmas with her entire family. This year will be the first time that all of her brothers and sisters will be under one roof (her roof) for the holidays in 16 years.
In order to prepare for such an occasion, Ingelsby – an avid online shopper – ordered nine packages of Christmas presents online on Black Friday.
“They’re for my family and nieces and nephews,” she said. “Christmas is going to be so much fun.”
– Samantha Arcieri

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