Bravo and the Basics

Should Schools Stop Teaching Cursive Writing?” was the article that caught my eye on this morning.
At first glance, the inner grade-schooler in me rejoiced at this question. Fifth grade was the first and only year in memory where my teacher- Ms. Bosland – made the entire class write EVERYTHING in cursive. I hated every second of it and still to this day have no clue whether this was her evil doing or a school mandate.
This is my favorite anti-cursive moment ever. This gif was taken from the PrDaily website.
Needless to say, I was awful at cursive. My already awkward left-handed writing would turn into illegible lines of cuneiform-esque symbols at each attempt to write in anything other than print. My teacher was so anti-print that, at one point,I was convinced that I’d never be successful because of my terrible cursive handwriting.
Looking back now, it’s clear that someone decided our moldable young minds had to actively use cursive in order to re-learn the basics of writing and apply that knowledge to whatever we learn in the future.
This article I read on PR Daily touches on a similar point, but also cites technology as a reason why students might ditch a pen and paper.
The article reads that “eliminating areas of study such as cursive handwriting creates a slippery slope. If, for example, cursive handwriting is removed from schools because kids use technological devices more frequently than handwritten correspondence, does that mean that we’ll reach a time when handwriting will cease to be taught all together?”
My answer to this question comes in two parts. 1. No. 2.Stop being dramatic. Even in a world filled with such an immense amount of technology, humans will always need a basic understanding of reading and writing. I severely doubt the pen industry is looking at a rapid decline anytime soon.
The article did, however, bring up an excellent point about “the basics.” Basically, they’re needed everywhere and in every industry imaginable.
Anyone who spends a significant amount of time working for The Bravo Group, for instance, will see that this company is extremely successful because of the employees’ dedication to executing the basics when it comes to each project.
Yes, each office utilizes great technology like Skype and CisionPoint, but these tools would prove useless if the individuals who used them weren’t creative and driven. Without a basic understanding on how to develop a brand and pitch story ideas, this company wouldn’t deliver great results. Bravo employees use advanced technology because they’ve mastered the PR basics.
I haven’t written in cursive since the last day of school in fifth grade. My signature is still hideous, but I appreciate the fact that I know how to write one.
-Samantha Arcieri

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