Dear prospective interns:

Dear prospective interns:
I’m telling you that you want this internship.
When I overheard Kim Whetsell on a conference call a few weeks ago discussing with co-workers how they wanted to market Bravo internships to prospective interns around Pennsylvania, I overheard her say, “We are Pennsylvania’s best-kept secret.” I wholeheartedly agree. Bravo Group didn’t open its Pittsburgh office until just two years ago, so interning here is still a relatively new thing, which explains why the company and this internship position is still some sort of regional “secret.” However, the experience of interning here is worthy of being known by all.
I’m one day from the end of my fall semester internship at Bravo Pittsburgh. Although I’m bummed that my time here is over and that I have to begin a new, very time consuming job search, I am extremely satisfied with the experience I got while working at Bravo for three months. I feel as though I’ve gained a variety of new skills and knowledge that I will find applicable to the various fields of professional work I pursue in the future. I don’t even know where to begin listing them. I feel that my communication skills improved; I learned how to write press releases for Bravo clients; I learned how to write in a style appropriate for public relations (whereas before I had only known how to write in journalistic style); I learned a lot about various industries of business, including the health care, energy, and manufacturing sectors, and how they relate to Pennsylvania’s economy; And I not only learned how to build a coalition, but I actually learned what the purpose of a coalition is, something I honestly did not know before. I could go on and on. Overall, I’d say that I came to Bravo with high expectations, but that they have been exceeded.
So as I write my last post for our intern blog today, I want to reiterate to future, prospective interns my positive experience at Bravo. If Bravo Group is still a Pittsburgh “secret,” it won’t be that way much longer as the firm expands its presence in the region. If you are a prospective intern, I urge you to apply here. Perhaps my favorite thing about Bravo Group is that the firm does a wide variety of work across various professional fields—public relations, government relations, lobbying, marketing, advertising, etc. Whether you’re studying anything from political science, or journalism, to a concentration within business, it’s likely that an internship at Bravo will not only give you valuable experience in your desired field, but that you’ll also dabble in other professional fields, which diversifies your skills set and makes you more marketable to future employers. The benefits of working here are enormous.
Anyway, that’s all from me today. I’m signing off now. It was a pleasure writing this blog and meeting everyone I’ve worked with at Bravo. I thank you for the experience, wish everyone the best of luck, and hope your interns only get better!
–Will Dodds

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