Bravo Spotlight: Minette Wilson

Look out, universe, Minette Wilson is going to take you over one day! Seriously. Within five minutes of meeting Minette for the first time, I immediately knew she was the type of person made to lead and help people. And when she’s done with grad school, interning and working at her part-time job, she’ll do just that (after she decides if she wants to go back to get her PhD, of course).
Minette graduationI spoke to Minette on what it’s like to juggle it all. (I also spoke to her in hopes that I remain on her good side if and when she becomes leader of the free world one day.)  Minette Wilson is our Harrisburg intern and is featured in today’s Bravo Spotlight.
It’s all in the family
The Bravo Family
Wilson found Bravo while studying for her masters at Shippensburg University. The school sent her an email and she did the rest of the work.
“The rest is history,” she said referring to her days leading up to her internship. Wilson said she has fond memories of her early days at Bravo, adding that she felt like she was “talking to an extended family member” during her first conversations with Tammy Schwalm and Jill Smith.
During her time here, Wilson has been involved in a variety of projects including HealthPoint, writing letters to the editor, and this blog.
“It’s been a really good experience,” she said. “I learned a few good things about journalism and social media that I can definitely take with me.”
Despite her excellent attitude and endless ambition, Wilson said she is still unsure of exactly what her dream job would be. She said, though, that she plans to working in a position where she can help people who can’t speak for themselves.
“I want to be the bridge for the problem and solution for a lot of underrepresented people in the United States,” she said, adding that she could see herself working for an interest group or civil rights group in the future.
It’s still all in the family
The family that lives all over the world
Wilson is the middle sibling of five children. She is a first generation American (both of her parents were born in Jamaica) and had family that lives in Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, England and Cuba.
Minette and BFAs if she wasn’t already cool enough, Wilson is a trained singer and dancer. In her spare time (she has spare time believe it or not) she travels to D.C. to visit her boyfriend, do adventurous activities like hiking and crossing restaurants off her ‘restaurant bucket list.’
Wilson is also a movie junkie and loves ‘Shrek 2.’
“I know that movie by heart,” she added.
Overall, Wilson said internship at Bravo was an eye opening experience that taught her a lot of things that people don’t typically learn in the classroom.
“It groomed me to be a better advocate and more tolerant of different opinions and individuals,” she said.” I am extremely grateful of the things that I learned both directly and indirectly that have lead to that conclusion.”
Minette Wilson for President 2016.
-Samantha Arcieri

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