When I grow up I want to be….

me1Yesterday was the presidential election for the United States and I’m pretty sure when Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were little boys and someone asked them what they aspired to be they probably didn’t answer, “The President of the United States”. I remember being asked that all the time and my answers varied depending on my age.
At age 8, I was big into Bill Nye the Science Guy and I went to a charter school that focused on science and medicine. I dissected a pig brain and cow’s eye (I know gross), and the neurologist idea was born. Then I met real science and that ended.
At age 9, I decided I wanted to run for office because I won student council president. Former NJ Governor James McGreevey (then Mayor of Woodbridge) told me I would be an awesome politician and donated a $1 to my election campaign.
meandbrosThen in high school, I decided I wanted to be the CEO of a major media company, which changed quickly.
Bravo on those aspirations
 I asked some of the employees at Bravo what they wanted to be when they grew up and I must say I was thoroughly amused by the vast array of different professions I heard.
Jen Riley: “I wanted to be a teacher. I set up a little classroom in my basement and taught lessons for my sisters and some of the neighborhood kids – mostly reading and cursive lessons. (Nerd alert)”
Noelle Lorine:  “I wanted to be a meteorologist. I idolized Cecily Tynan from Action News in Philly and basically wanted to be her. I watched the Weather Channel more than normal kids’ shows and was obsessed with the “Local on the 8’s.”
Fun Fact: My boyfriend had the same childhood aspirations as me, and even went as far to nickname himself “Tornado Tim.” If that doesn’t make us soul-mates, I don’t know what does.”
Megan Earley: “When I was little, I can remember wanting to be a guidance counselor. I am naturally a fixer and wanted to help make other people feel better and solve problems. I seemed to be the friend people came to with problems and struggles because they knew I would listen and not judge.  Funny that I never seriously considered studying psychology in school – wasn’t a fan of all the science involved! However, I’m still able to help people, fix things and listen to what needs done and work to make it happen.”
Jess Long: Hmm, I went through a phase where I wanted to be a brain surgeon.  But, for the most part I wanted to be a prosecutor.
Anna Idler: When I was little I casually wanted to be Pocahontas. She was my favorite princess EVER because she was so adventurous. I would even ask my mom constantly why she didn’t name me Pocahontas……
When I realized that was obviously never going to happen/ not remotely possible, I wanted to be a dolphin trainer. Dolphins were (still are) my favorite animals. I swam with them in Florida when I was younger and loved them ever since.
These are some awesome careers, what did you want to be when you were a child?

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