Intern Spotlight: Will D.

It’s a cold windy Harrisburg morning and it hit me that our internship is coming to an end (cue the sad music), so I sat down with Will from our Pittsburgh office to learn more about his internship experience with Bravo.
 Minette (MW): So tell us about yourself.
mypicWill (WD): My name is Will and I graduated from Duquesne University with a BA in International Relations, a concentration in Spanish, and a background in journalism working for both the student newspaper and radio station at Duquesne.
My hobbies include traveling because growing up I moved a lot. I’ve lived in DC, Chicago, Connecticut, and Pittsburgh. I’d love to live in another country for an extended period of time one day.
I am also obsessed with sports, specifically soccer. My favorite team is Fulham FC, a team based in London, England because they were the first international club soccer team to sign American players, One of whom was Clint Dempsey, my personal idol. I play the guitar, bass, and piano and I spit rhymes in my spare time (he’s kidding…I hope).
MW:What would you say was your biggest misconception about working for a public advocacy firm prior to coming to Bravo?
WD: I did not quite understand what advocacy meant before I worked here. I always associated advocacy with grassroots efforts until Bill Miller told me one day, “If you think about it, everyone from a non-profit worker to a wealthy businessman is an advocate for his own cause in his own right.”
MW:What are two things you learned about yourself as a professional working for Bravo?
WD: When I first started here, I was eager to come in early and leave late and Kim told me one day I could come in a little later and leave a little bit earlier. I learned I was very eager to work whereas in the past going to work was a drag. I also learned that I actually like working in this industry. When I graduated, I was applying to so many jobs and internships across so many different fields because, although I knew what my interests were, I didn’t know what kind of job I wanted. I wanted to test the waters in various fields. Now that I’ve been working here for a couple of months, I’ve discovered I really like this field.
MW:Can you tell me a funny story about your Bravo experience?
 WD: There’s little, funny stuff that happens every day, like these guys that ride their bikes around in circles in the parking lot outside our office window every day that everyone here finds amusing, or when Matt stumbles over his words on a phone call and is laughing at himself for it, but it’s difficult to turn these funny moments into stories for you.
I’d say I’ve developed memorable experiences more than funny ones, though. I really enjoyed the car ride to Harrisburg and back  when all three Bravo offices met that one day in September because I got to talk a lot with Bill and Matt about things that you don’t get the opportunity to discuss in the office. And I really enjoyed interviewing Kim for the blog post the other day.
MW: Who was someone you were close to that you’ll miss once this internship ends? 
WD: Well there are only three people here so I would say Kim, Matt, and Bill. Since we’re around the same people every day, there’s a tight knit atmosphere and I’ve become close to them all.
 MW:So, what’s next for you after this internship?
AllyWD: I am applying to more jobs and internships in Pittsburgh, Connecticut (where my family is), and Chicago (where I used to live) in various fields, such as journalism, marketing, or basically with any company that works internationally where I see a good opportunity to “climb a corporate ladder.” I have also applied to teach English as a second language in Argentina through the Fulbright Program with the US State Department for nine months in 2014 and I’ll find out whether or not my application gets accepted within the next few months.
MW:Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
WD:I really enjoyed my internship here and it was a pleasure getting to know everyone in all the offices at Bravo. I hope I keep in touch with them, too.
 Going to miss you Will (tear).

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