About: Kim Whetsell

If Kim Whetsell was a guy, I’d bump her fist because she’s as cool as a dude.
She’s composed, chillin’, and she gave me half of her rueben sandwich for lunch today. It’s all explained by her great taste in music.
“Hip-hop is my guilty pleasure,” says Kim.
Kim admits that she worked at Hot Topic while she was in high school, but she goes above and beyond in redeeming her legitimacy when she explains her experience there.
“I just hung out with dudes and listened to decent music,” she says.
So you see what I’m saying?
Anyway, Kim is cool, but she’s not a dude. She’s my intern supervisor at Bravo Group in Pittsburgh. So I refrain from secret handshakes and instead speak to her in proper grammar and refer to her as ma’am.
Despite our office formalities, as an intern at Bravo Group over the past few months, I’ve not only gotten a chance to know Kim professionally, but I’ve caught a glimpse of her personal side, too. When we sat down to talk about this blog post today, I got to ask her more about that side of her life.
A story made for Hollywood
When Kim and Jack Whetsell married in May, 2011, they had been dating for over 5 years, but had unknowingly known each other for nearly a dozen.
Growing up at her home in Harrisburg, PA, Kim says she always noticed a boy who frequently visited her next door neighbor’s house. Little did she know at the time that that boy was Jack, the man she would later marry.
Despite their historical connection, Kim says that she and Jack didn’t formally meet until high school when Kim was a sophomore and Jack a senior. They began dating once Jack had graduated and continued even when he moved to Pittsburgh shortly after.
While still in high school in Harrisburg at the time, Kim began to develop artistic interests that have paved the way for her job working in public relations at Bravo Group. She was heavily involved on her high school’s yearbook committee and worked in merchandising for Hot Topic outside of school. When she graduated from high school and enrolled in college classes at Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC), Kim says she wasn’t sure what to study, but reflected on these experiences and chose to major in marketing.
Once Kim had completed two years at HACC, she moved to Pittsburgh, where Jack was still living, to complete her degree at the University of Pittsburgh. The next summer, she lived in Harrisburg while working an internship for Bravo Group there.
Kim at her wedding
Kim at her wedding
Within months of graduating from Pitt in 2011, Kim married to Jack and was offered a full-time job at Bravo’s new office in Pittsburgh. Things probably couldn’t have worked out more perfectly.
Soon to be a mom!
Perhaps the biggest fact about Kim’s life right now is that she’s currently in the third trimester of her first pregnancy. She’s due to give birth on January 29, 2013 to a baby boy she’s already named Maxwell Jacob Whetsell.
While many pregnant women wait until the day they give birth to surprise themselves about the identity of their baby, Kim found out as soon as possible and had a name picked out almost immediately. Kim attributes this sort of behavior to her father, a military veteran who Kim says taught her to always think ahead when making decisions.
“I’m a bit of a control freak,” says Kim.
Kim’s not a freak. She’s just smart. She does admit, however, that she has experienced a range of emotions as a result of her first pregnancy.
“It’s been rough at times,” she says. “It’s really nerve-racking, but it’s also cool to have a kid kick you in the gut.”
Kim may be nervous, but given her history and experience as a caretaker, it’s clear she’s going to be an awesome mom. In high school, she volunteered as the president of her school’s Best Buddies program, an international non-profit organization that works to foster the development of children with intellectual and development disabilities.
“I have a cousin with down syndrome and I think it’s good to work with these kids to help give them a sense of normality,” she says. “Some of my funniest memories are from working with Best Buddies.”
Kim's dog, Sam, proving he's got what it takes to  be the next Frosty Paws model
Kim’s dog, Sam, proving he’s got what it takes to
be the next Frosty Paws model
Also, although Maxwell Jacob will be Kim’s first human child, she has experience caretaking for other sorts of beasts, too. She lives with two dogs and two cats.
“I am an animal hoarder,” Kim says. “My house is a zoo.”
Kim and Jack in Chicago
Kim and Jack in Chicago
According to Kim, animal hoarding runs in her family. Her mom and sister each own four cats, and her dad has one dog and three cats.
Kim says that she and Jack plan to travel with their son once he is up- and-running. Kim says it’s a hobby for them that they’d like to pass along to Max. Their dream destinations are Germany and South Africa.

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