Hurricane Sandy

As the lights flickered in the Bravo Wayne office this morning, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Sandy’s brutal visit to the East Coast.
I grew up five minutes away from Long Beach Island, a shore town – like the rest of the beaches in New Jersey – that is now underwater. This story, unfortunately, hits a little too close to home. The same can be said for the millions of people still without power (including several Bravo employees) and those who are unable to move back into their homes.
In the aftermath of the storm, over 50 people are dead and the east coast is left in shambles, sustaining billions of dollars worth of damage.
Like any other major weather catastrophe, the media was all over this story.
Here are some of the top stories to stem from this weekend’s storm:
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie calls the damage “unfathomable” in thisUSA Today article. This story provides an interesting aerial view of Seaside Heights.  The governor also gave President Obama a tour of the damaged areas earlier today.–176561551.html analyzed trending social media topics during the storm.
Photoshop experts were at it again, creating fake pictures of the storm. offers some of the best doctored photos.
The damage shown in these before-and-after pictures is brutal.
The New York City subway system is closed.
The cast of Jersey Shore tweets about the storm and vows to help rebuild their ‘second home.’
-Samantha Arcieri

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