Looking to intern with Bravo?

Our internship is coming to end soon and we wanted to pass on some tips about securing an internship with Bravo Group.
I had the chance to talk to Jill Smith, Human Resource Consultant for Bravo. Our meeting was a bit nostalgic because we sat down in the same room I interviewed in months before. She gave me some insight on the recruiting process and what she looks for when searching for new interns.
Smith_Jill_201210 (1)It’s all about the process
The recruiting process for Bravo has three main parts: resume, phone screen, and interview. Essentially, these things help to bring out different aspects of a candidate. Here are Jill’s tips-useful in pretty much any job setting:
The resume is your professional blueprint. Treat it that way. Jill advises that you “check for typos.” She has seen cases where prospective candidates have grammatical errors on their resume and we all know that’s not professional.
She also gave me an insight into the way your resume should be framed when seeking internship. Be sure you include these….
Education- You should still be in school so showcasing your related coursework is important. Listing your school is also important because she knows which office you’re best suited for.
Degree- Generally speaking, she’s looking for people in the communications and journalism field. The internship involves a great deal of writing so that experience is important. This is not a hard and fast rule, she also looks for students with political science, English, and history backgrounds because of the diverse set of clients.
GPA- Should be self-explanatory, but make sure your grade point average is included on your resume and put it up top for quick scan.
Expected Date of graduation- This indicates your year and what opportunities are available.
Related Work Experience- If you’ve had exposure to the field through various jobs or previous internships, include it!
Things not to include
 Jill recommends keeping your resume to one page. Often times, you’ll be competing against a great deal of people and there won’t be too much time to allotted to reading more than one page. She also suggests you keep your computer skills off your resume. It’s assumed that you have knowledge of basic computer functions because after all, you are in school. This also works in your favor because you can use that valuable space for more important things.
Phone Screen
This is probably something most don’t prepare for, but Jill says this part of the recruitment process allows her to “see what candidates are looking for as career goals.” This stage also helps her check availability because Bravo’s internships are full-time.
Jill reveals, “It’s less about the technical stuff and more about attitude and initiative.”
When interviewing candidates Jill wants to know if students want to be here. Your personal drive should shine through in your interview. “I want to know if you’ll be minimally competent or supportive to the staff and add value.” Some quick tips for getting through the interview process:
  • Communicate in complete thoughts- when asked a question make sure you bring it full circle answer the question.
  • Be prepared- Jill suggests you take advantage of the internet and research interviewing tips and think about your answersbeforehand.
  • Refer to your past experience- You may get some behavioral questions so be sure to have some examples of your work ethic as it relates to what you’ve done.
  • Ask questions- Research the company and be prepared because it shows initiative.
  • Check writing samples- Bravo requires writing samples for your interview so make sure you check them for typos.
Using these tips should allow you stand out in an interview process.
“I’m not looking for perfection, but students looking to be the best they can be—it’s really about personal excellence.
Well said Jill. Well said.

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