This is when you know you work at Bravo

When you sit in an office for eight hours every day at the same seat, at the same desk, with the same people around you, you get used to the regularities of your surrounding environment. Naturally, you become attentive to detail and observant of small changes. Moreover, you become accustomed to unordinary things that seem ordinary just because you’re used to them. Therefore, for today’s blog post, we’ll take a look at the quirks and peculiarities that seem ordinary to us, but make office life at Bravo Group funny and unique.
You know you work at Bravo Harrisburg when…
-You know that footsteps heard walking upstairs means that someone’s going to take chocolate from Tammy’s desk.
-The sun is your source of blinding light on the sixth floor.
-You have to deal with looking at dead birds on the ninth floor rooftop deck.
-Daily wars are waged over the thermostat temperature.
-The elevators don’t work.
-There are no bagels for Bagel Friday celebrations.
 You know you work at Bravo Wayne when…
-When both candy bowls in the front office and conference room are empty.
-Evan brings in homemade treats for everyone in the office to try.
-You smell the food cooking at next door’s pub.
-You’re convinced the office is haunted.
You know you work at Bravo Pittsburgh when…
-Deli sandwiches are eaten for lunch.
-You encounter a camera crew filming a famous movie when you go to the deli to get your sandwich for lunch.
-Your senior director makes coffee and forgets to drink it.
-Your senior director jams out to Barenaked Ladies on the reg.
-Kim thinks the office smells bad.
-You ride the elevator up one floor to get to work.
-Fifty percent of the city bus is wearing Steelers gear on the way to work in the morning.
And everyone knows they work at Bravo when…
-The word “pregnant” is used on a daily basis.
-You’ve memorized the words to the hold music.
-When you dedicate your year to Pennsylvania, but look forward to one weekend in New York.
-When every episode of Parks and Rec. reminds you of certain co-workers (Topper Ray=Chris Traeger, Bill Spinner=Ron Swanson)
–Will Dodds

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