Random facts about the movers at Bravo

Monday FundayBravo is such a unique place with some equally unique people with hidden talents and quirky behaviors. Here are some interesting facts about the movers at Bravo:
  • Many of the movers started as Bravo interns. Well seven to be exact. Brad Cary, Jen Riley, Jess Long, Lauren Manelius, Megan Earley, and Kim Whetsell were all interns with Bravo at one point. They were so awesome, they got hired.
  • If you weren’t an intern you most likely had a job in state government at some point. Chris Bravacos, Dennis Walsh, Brian Abela, Sarah Battisti, Anne Hart, Sean Connolly, Matt Crocco, Mary Quigley, and Rhett Hintze to be exact.
  • Many (ok so nearly all) of the movers are former high school and/or collegiate athletes: 
Baseball- Chris Getman, Bill Spinner
Basketball- Megan Dapp, Chris Getman, Bill Spinner, Dawn Straw
Cheerleading- Noelle Lorine
Cross Country- Megan Earley, Chris Getman, Ben Ludwig
Field Hockey- Jen Riley, Lauren Manelius
Football- Matt Crocco
Lacrosse- Lauren Manelius
Softball- Jen Riley, Jess Long
Swimming- Jess Long
Tennis- Rhett Hintze, Bill Miller
Track & Field- Megan Dapp, Sarah Battisti, Megan Earley, Ben Ludwig, Matt Crocco
Soccer- Kim Whetsell, Anna Idler
Wrestling- Brad Cary, Matt Crocco
  • Anne Hart was a physician’s assistant in her previous career.
  • Bill Spinner has a tendency to travel to other countries and only telling people about it the day before.

  • There’s a secret code to knowing who sent you an email (ok so it’s not that that big of a secret) Chances are if your email says:
“word”, Chris Getman sent it
“Cool” and/or “cool beans”, yep that’ll be Megan Dapp
“B.”, Bill Spinner, because he’s cool like that.
“!!!!!!!!!!!”, that ladies and gentlemen is how textually capture
“Everything typed into the subject line of an email ending in a period.”Because Rhett means business
“A FWD message with no text from him”, well to be fair Chris Bravacos is         the CEO
“:)”, that’s Tammy, brightening up the world with one smiley at a time
“Thanks”  Megan’s Earley’s signature phrase

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