Bravo Spotlight: Meet Noelle

“’Rhett as the janitor’ told me that his job was to create chaos at my job,” Noelle said as she recalled her early Bravo interviews with Topper and Rhett a little over a year ago. (Rhett introduced himself to Noelle as ‘the janitor.’ He was obviously joking as I’m sure it takes longer than a year to obtain a position like his at Bravo.)
gradpicOne look into Noelle’s office, though, and you wouldn’t think she works in a chaotic environment. Despite her extremely busy schedule and strict deadlines, she produces amazing work for Bravo while always making time to answer work – related questions, or just to talk about celebrities and fun things on pinterest.
(We’ve spent a good amount of time angry at Blake Lively for not releasing pictures of her wedding dress.)
Noelle is currently my intern mentor, and will be the mentor for all the interns who work in Wayne. I often like to refer to her as my ‘PR office fairy godmother’ when asked by friends and relatives who I report to the most at work. She is one of the reasons – along with the rest of the staff at Bravo – I’ve grown to love PR during my time here.
 Here’s more on what it’s like to be Noelle Lorine:
 Two Week Vacation
But that’s it
Noelle said she spent hours applying to any and every PR job before she graduated from school. She eventually found Bravo after a former Bravo employee recommended her.
She started her new job exactly two weeks after graduating from Villanova and has been an essential asset to the company ever since. Lorine has done extensive work with Commonwealth Connections Academy, Sunoco and Suttons & Robertsons.
BeanTeam_Noelle_20120618Lorine said she fell in love with consumer campaigns during her time working with Bravo client Sunoco  where she took trips to Charleston, South Carolina and managed a group of interns known as “The Bean Team” during a coffee campaign.
“Charleston is one of those hidden gems that not many people take advantage of,” she said. “I loved working with the people there.”
Lorine said one of her favorite things about working at Bravo is the “equal” environment that exists within the company, adding that the relaxed atmosphere and atypical “boss” structure was something she struggled with at first.
Lorine said this type of atmosphere – where everyone works with and reports directly to each other –  has enabled creativity within the company.
“The culture they have built has been a level playing field,” she said.
I dare you to challenge her to trivia
She’ll beat you, though
Lorine learned to wear a lot of hats and work with a large group of people during her time as VP of public relations and President of Tri Delta sorority at Villanova.
“It was great and hectic at the same time; It was crazy busy but I loved it,” she said as she recalled her experiences with her sorority, adding that she is still best friends with the 36 girls from her pledge class.
mollyIn her free time, Lorine loves to go to the gym and spend time with her boyfriend of five years. She also loves playing with her dog, Molly, who she’s had since fifth grade.
Lorine said she watches an ‘absurd’ amount of TV, adding that she has probably seen every episode of all the 90s sitcoms, especially Full HouseSaved by the Belland Boy Meets World.
“I have a sick knowledge of entertainment news and will challenge anyone to trivia,” she said.
Lorine said she has loved working with everyone at Bravo during her time here so far.
“We have all come to appreciate each other,” she said.
 And the Bravo staff has definitely come to appreciate you, Noelle!
-Samantha Arcieri



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