Bravo Spotlight: Meet Anna

“Just say that you’re networking and they’ll stop asking you so many questions” was Anna Idler’s advice to me during one of my phone interviews for Bravo over the summer.
It turns out the term ‘networking’ is an excellent way to get relatives to stop asking what exactly you plan to do after college.
annaWhen Anna isn’t working on advocacy, energy and branding projects, she can be found sitting in her Wayne office ready to offer advice or have a friendly conversation.
She’s the only person I’ve ever met that hasn’t been stung by a bee. This came in handy when a giant bee (seriously) flew into the garbage can next to my desk last week. She bravely offered to help me get it out of the office.
I’ve also realized from working with Anna that we both share a mutual love for scones from the store across the street. It’s gotten so bad that most of our emails to each other now include a picture of a baked item at the bottom.
Here’s more insight on what it’s like to be Anna Idler.
Network Network Network
Surf Surf Surf
Anna started at Bravo in early July after months of interning and networking in the PR industry. She came across Bravo through her Uncle – who is also in PR – and immediately knew Bravo would be a good fit.
Anna said her favorite part of working at Bravo is sitting in on weekly meetings and interacting with employees in each of the offices via Skype. She also loves working on projects in the office’s high-energy atmosphere.
“I love how everyone is so enthusiastic and creative when it comes to the clients that we have,” she said.
In her free time, Anna can be found hanging out with friends in Philadelphia or on the beach in Stone Harbor, New Jersey.
She spends a lot of time in the summer surfing with her cousins at her Grandpa’s beach house.
“Growing up near the beach has been great,” she said.
She loves English
But has a bone to pick with Milton
Anna graduated from Loyola in May where she studied English and writing. Unlike most students in college, she actually enjoyed reading the materials in her English class. (NERD.) Don’t ask her to read Paradise Lost, though, she hates that book and basically anything else written before the 1800s (excluding Shakespeare).
Studying at Loyola allowed Anna to discover a distinct difference between English and writing. She said English studies focus more on the analytical side of the language while writing allows people to be more creative.
“Everyone thinks it’s the same but it’s really not,” she said.
Anna said she also overcame a stereotype that she and other English majors faced while in school. While she said most people expected her to wind up as a teacher, Anna had a different vision for herself.
“Doubt is visible if you’re not majoring in something concrete that has a direct career path,” she said. “But you can’t force what you’re passionate about, and that’s something I’ll never forget.”
Anna said that she has enjoyed making the adjustment to life after college, adding that the individuals at Bravo have played a large role in helping her get used to a full-time job.
“My job has kept me so busy and I’ve had a lot of positive experiences so it’s getting easy,” she said. “It really helps if you like and respect the people you work with.”
One of her favorite professors said that all English majors find their way in the real world eventually.
“And he was right,” she added.
Well said, Anna. We think you’re doing just fine.
-Samantha Arcieri

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