Bravo Spotlight: Meet Lauren

Since I’ve started at Bravo, everyone has asked me, “Have you met Lauren?” At the time, I hadn’t because of our schedules, but I was curious to meet this bubbly woman everyone spoke of. I met her and boy does she fit all the awesome things everyone has said. Lauren is this energetic and charismatic employee at Bravo who has a very unique story.
Lauren_GracieOver some scrumptious Blarney Bread I had the opportunity to talk with Lauren about her story and her experience at Bravo. I can honestly say talking to her was a breath of fresh air. She’s down-to-earth and offered some insightful information about making the most of your time at Bravo (in this case, any internship).
Lauren hails from Lancaster and is an alum of Penn State- University Park. She graduated five years ago with a degree in Journalism. She met Dani Gross from Bravo at a job fair while still at Penn State. She came to Bravo for an internship, and the rest is history.
Girl of many traits
After graduating from Penn State, she taught English to at-risk kids the summer before heading to Bravo. In the back of her mind medicine was something she really wanted to explore. “I didn’t have the confidence” Lauren adds, but she says that Bravo taught her a thing or two about confidence. She decided to put her best foot forward and is currently a part of a Post-Baccalaureate program for medicine. Yes, medicine (I told you she was awesome). She has a genuine desire to help people and she hopes to do that one day as a Primary Care/Family Physician.
Now when you ask Lauren how she spends her Friday nights, she’ll tell you that most of the time it revolves around studying for her classes to get her ready for medical school, but she also enjoys the culture of downtown Lancaster. In her spare time (which is rare nowadays) she plays the classical piano and at one point, was working on a novel.
She also has a little prankster in her; from time to time you can catch her strategically placing toy dinosaurs throughout the Harrisburg Train Station model train set. This amazing personality and determination are clear indicators as to why Bravo keeps her close.
Big Brother Bravo
Lauren not only attributes her boost in confidence to Bravo, but she adds that Bravo has taught her she can do things, great things. She has matured as a woman and a professional because of some of the great projects she’s worked on and the great people she’s worked with. She says she’s really close to Jess Long because they started with Bravo around the same time, but she admires so many people at Bravo.  Lauren adds that she loves Bravo because, “they care; they ask about my studies and how classes are going even though it doesn’t necessarily relate to what Bravo does”.
Passing the torch
When asked about advice for current and future interns, she advised they should, “talk to people and ask if anyone needs help with a project especially if you hear about a project you’re interested in.”
Well said, Lauren.
  • She’s just getting over scarlet fever (ouch!)
  • She loves biographical pieces; her all-time favorite is on on Ernest Hemmingway titled, How Do You Like it Now, Gentlemen?
  • She absolutely loathes wearing shoes (‘m with you on that one)
  • She once played a prank on Jess L. taking trinkets from her office one at a time until she noticed (needless today, Jess’s desk was pretty much gone when she noticed)
  • The two most played song on her iPod are “Gun Has No Trigger” by Dirty Projection and “Simple Answer” by Grizzly Bear

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