Office Decorating 101

In a society where we spend approximately 2,080 hours a year sitting in our offices, it is important to have a space that fosters creativity and inspires us to complete excellent work. Employees in each of our locations have taken it upon themselves to personalize their professional homes away from home. (No wonder we’re so creative!) Here’s an inside look at the inside of our space.
 Kim Whetsell
Warhol Desk Decorating postKim’s Pittsburgh office is decorated with fun Andy Warhol self portraits. These small posters are the perfect size for her walls and act as an excellent pop of bright color in her otherwise calm space.
“[The posters] have some of Warhol’s famous quotes on them. He’s my favorite! He’s also a Pittsburgh native so it’s a double whammy,” she said.
Jess Long
photo Jess long pic 5Jess LOVES to travel and has been to exotic places like Thailand! She keeps posters and postcards from her travels in her office in Harrisburg. She got this picture from a local painter when she visited the Florida Keys.The frame is constructed out of recycled lobster cages. Unique items like this are a great way to decorate an office and while reminding you of where you’ve traveled.
Noelle Lorine
Noelle OfficeNoelle’s pale blue office in the Wayne building is filled with personality and fantastic decorations. The board hanging on her wall showcases some of her favorite things –Westies, pictures of friends and family, coffee and Pinterest. Hanging pin boards are the perfect answer to anyone who wants to  show off a variety of different things in one space.
Still stumped on how to spruce up your space? Here are some additional office decorating tips:
Plants are a great way to add color to any office space. If you’re anything like me, they’re also a great way to pretend you have a green thumb. Terrain, a home and plant store owned by the same company as Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Free People, has some awesome terrariums. One of their two locations is right in our backyard in Glenn Mills, Pa.
Why would you want to tell time using a watch or cell phone when clocks are a functional way to decorate your office? (Rhett even installed one in our conference room recently.) offers a list of the best clocks to install in your work space.
Wall decals are the perfect solution to sprucing up a bare space without much effort. They’re also easy to remove and come in any design, color or shape imaginable. Etsy offers some unique designs.
Don’t have an office? Let help you make the most of your cubiclespace.
-Samantha Arcieri

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